tom.arthur 1:53am, 18 August 2005
The time is yesterday, on an morning very much like the one we have just witnessed. Tonight's story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, is a windows 2000 computer, still in operation, waiting for you. We invite you, if you dare, to attempt to enter the park, use fastpass, make a reservation, buy food, schedule cast members or control show equipment because in tonight's episode you are the victim. And this computer travels directly to . . . The Time When Disneyland's Computers Were Attacked by A Worm."

for those of you not local to disneyland or walt disney world, yesterday was an amazing adventure I'm sure you all will enjoy to hear about.

as you know, disney is a very connected company, lots of computers, lots of networks, lots of data gets sent to lots of places lots of time everyday.

just like everyday at disneyland, a new day consists of resets for most computers. imagine if you will, a time when nearly every windows 2000 computer at disneyland is attacked by the same worm at the same time.

this really happened, and boy was it a mess for the few first hours. the main ticketing network was down, so everyone's park ticket had to be scanned in manually. then should you go and try to get a fastpass when the patched the computers, it wouldn't work because you didn't use your ticket for admission today. Or did you? Lets say then you give up fastpass rides and want to get something to eat, horribly the POS systems (that also run on windows 2000) were non operational. Okay, fine then no food. I guess I'll go on a ride. Oh wait, since the Cast Deployment System (known as CDS) runs on windows too, the cast members have absolutely no idea what they should be doing.

this was an amazing day folks. you should have seen how less crowded and nice everything was. (no fastpass) it was just magical for the cast members (who were off early so they could take advantage of the short lines)

and thats my story.
the end.
boogah 16 years ago
man, i wish i knew about this while it was going on. i would have tried to use my annual pass to get in the park...

i worked at disneyland in the summer of 1998 when the park lost power for a few hours. watching the chaos and waving a flashlight over my head to direct people down main street was sort of fun.
stretchdog 16 years ago
Same thing happened at WDW of course...
Our computers were down from around 1:30pm until sometime after I went home at 5pm. Made for a totally non-productive day for nearly everyone in my office, so we spent some valuable time out in the park melting in the 8000 degree weather! We have one person in our office running XP so she kept working and checking the other computers to keep us posted if they came back up. No dice.
Lucky for us all of the Cast in our Areas use CDS just to clock in and out and we don't use it for our actual rotations because of safety reasons. But I hear that there was chaos in the other on property.... It's one downside of teaching people to let the computer do your thinking and not learning for yourself what you should be doing!
W-Th are my days off so I have to go back to work on Friday and catch up with everything I missed out on. Woot!
oh my, we have been boingboing-ed! I wonder if I should be scared now. *hides in the corner*
nickirp 16 years ago
Chaos I'd imagine! But nice to have a slightly less busy park :) While at Cypress Gardens a couple weeks ago that was astounding, practically no one there, no queues no outrageously busy shows, no masses of people in the gardens. Ah if only all the parks had been like that...
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