Buying Domos

themexican 2:41am, 3 February 2005
I have 3.... all from ebayl.
ragged finger [deleted] 16 years ago
best way to get more is either go to japan or find someone who's going there.
Domos are way rare in the west, i've been looking for quite a while.
wouldpkr 16 years ago
Sluggo 15 years ago
If you know someone going to Tokyo, the place to get Domo-kun stuff is NHK Studio Park in Shibuya. I bought three Domos there last year, one of which is the Shinsengumi! edition.
smiling bicycle [deleted] 15 years ago
Like Sluggo said, NHK Studio Park is the place. Home of the Domo-kun. :-)
mysterious ink [deleted] 15 years ago
Jlist do a really good service.
quixotic tin [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by quixotic tin (member) 14 years ago
Well if you've got the love (or not much money) and want to try something new, you can try your hand at making one like I did for my girlfriend a few christmases back..

Domo and friends

In the comments I put up really brief instructions of what I did, but he's really not that hard to make :)
DomoFan 14 years ago
All things Domo are coming to a new site linked off in early January. A lot of different plush + other great domo items. Hot Topic is selling a tee in some stores (not all so ask!) and Domo mobile apps are available at or jamster, just search on Domo
Patty de Belen 12 years ago is a good place to buy stuff. Target is also selling a lot of Domo stuff, especially for the seasons.
origami_potato 12 years ago
Heck if you have a FYE in your area, check out their anime section. (I've noticed that some stores are bigger than others, so keep an eye out) Otherwise, I've bought domo dice, a small domo plush, a giant domo plush and a calendar there. And I'll second scoping out Target's seasonal section for domo to be lurking.
marbleblue 12 years ago
I just got my Domo, last weekend, at Target in the toy dept.
ra(h3l 12 years ago
i got mine at target awhile back
threed 12 years ago
i found mine in 'morning glory' - a korean 'bling' and 'fluff' store in chinatown in sydney.
I made my own Domokun.. but one kill a friend

Death by Domokun

and the other have a Poo like a friend O__o

Domokun & Yellow Poo are good friends (Explore)

Nancy588 12 years ago
I got my giant domo at toys r us, but I've gotten most of mine at target too
4 Diamonds 12 years ago
♥Da Churdz♥ 11 years ago
I got my Domo Bunny at
aback history [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm from Vietnam . About 4 months ago, some store here started to sold Domokun. But thought, the business did not goin' to well , so they did not sell it anymore . I bought for my friends one, and thn the next day I came to the same store to buy 1 for me, there was no domokun left :((
ぐりちゃん 11 years ago
The have domo stuff at my local FYE.
but not the toys friend got me 4 domo qees for my birthday, bought them off amazon!
aback history [deleted] 11 years ago
I just bought a very very cute domo pillow ❌x I'm so happy :x go to my flickr and see :x
Clooci Creative 11 years ago will be selling domo fully from april 2010 xx
discreet salt [deleted] 11 years ago
try borders, they have started to sell lots of domo products like journals, the domo qee collectible figures, etc
paperfun 10 years ago
domokun sticky notes for 75 cents only:
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