Image Quality

third toothpaste [deleted] 6:19am, 27 July 2006
Hi All N1 Users

Just wondering if any of you have discovered that the P-series line of Cyber-Shots (most notably the P-200) take brighter and sharper images than our N1s.

Has anyone noticed?
Nilesh_dd 15 years ago

Are you saying that its true that P-series takes better pictures and have we noticed?


you are asking us whether this is true and have we noticed anything of the sort?

In either case, no, I have not noticed. :-) If its true, any idea what could be the reason?

third toothpaste [deleted] 15 years ago
Dude, just read it again...
Prabhu Ramakrishnan 15 years ago
dude we can take those type of snaps in our n1 too... if we knw how to use the aperture shutter speed and exposure...mainly lights...our cam rulezzzz
Emperor Collins 15 years ago
i toatally agree dream, this camera is 2 nice when u mess with the settings
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