Emperor Collins 8:23pm, 20 February 2007
I like to use Manual Mode on my camera a lot, and when i do im usually inside or take pictures at night or in a dark room no problem, i was takin some pictures today using manual mode in the daytime i would love to take a clear picture i take the flash off and i get this bluish tent in the manuel mode and when i use flash (i was just experimenting, cause clearly i dont need flash int he day time, but just to give an example) the picture is to dark. now i have an example, in case this sint to clear or anyone needs a visual. I was taking a picture of a white cat came out like this
so i was wondering if there is something i could do about that or if i just shouldnt use Manual mode in the daytime k thanks
CecillePL 15 years ago
What was your exposure setting? I'm no expert myself, but when I use the Manual Mode it takes me a few tries before I get it just right. I just fiddle with the Aperture Value and Shutter speed.
Emperor Collins Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Emperor Collins (member) 15 years ago
my aperture is 5.4 (zoomed by the way) and my shutter speed is 250 for this shot but i fiddle with the aperture and shutter speeds all the time, and it seems like when there is a lot of light in the picture it comes to a blueish tint
CecillePL Posted 15 years ago. Edited by CecillePL (member) 15 years ago
Hey there again! I went over to your stream to check out your cat picture's camera settings. I noticed you had your Light Source set to Incandescent. You could try changing it to Daylight when you're outside. Just go change your White Balance setting. That might help.

I love this camera, but it's frustrating at times too.
Emperor Collins 15 years ago
wow thanks so much that did the trick, didnt even know that was an opion i always scrolled down on the menu setting lol. so not only did you help me i found like 8 setting i never used or saw before. i feel kinda dumb for doing that, thanks a ton :-)
CecillePL 15 years ago
Glad to have helped you.
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