Lens repairs?

jamesak 9:36pm, 21 April 2013
The spring that moves the aperture blades in my Cosinon Auto f2.8 135mm has stopped moving the aperture blades :( while the lens is worth very little and it'll be pretty easy to get a similar lens off ebay, I'd rather get it repaired.

I'm only aware of JP Camera Repairs on Montrose Tr and Cameratiks in Morningside, but I've not actually used either. Are they good / reliable / cheap? Any other places to consider?


gbarkr 8 years ago
I have used Cameratiks to refurbish a Canon Rangefinder, did a good job. Helpful and flexible.
Chris_Malcolm 8 years ago
I've used Cameratiks to repair two old Minolta lenses, and to advise me that the third wasn't worth repairing. Excellect helpful service.
photopath 8 years ago
3rd call for Cameratics -although it's been a few years since I used them.
I don't think they'd meet the "cheap" requirement though....
Bailemor 8 years ago
I have used JP Cameras before and found them to be very helpful. The motor on my lens went and i put it there to get repaired, they even lent me a lens till mine was ready.
Jonathan_in_Madrid 8 years ago
I've never had a repair done by Cameratiks but their CLAs aren't the best. I will send newly-bought cameras elsewhere in the future.
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