petpanther 11:54am, 9 May 2013
Hi Folks,
I am currently in the process of developing an introductory course for young people at the Youth Cafe on Victoria Terrrace during the school hols period. The aim is to give the kids a space to explore their visual creativity using whatever photographic equipment they can bring along (which is likely to be mostly phones , of course).

I have a problem, though. My wife has been suffering from an illness that disables her from time to time so there may be occasions when I wouldn't be able to cover the class. I am therefore looking for someone who might like to join me on this project, although you wouldn't necessarily be needed every week.

The plan is provisionally as follows. Six two hour sessions to cover the weeks 1st July- 9th August. A time suggested by Cafe staff was Thursday pms 2-4pm, but this time is negotiable. I have already done something similar with youngsters in Palestine, and so have a general idea of things that might be covered but I always like to let the kids follow their own particular stars.

I should say that this is a totally voluntary project on my part. One of the fascinations of this particular project is to compare it with the ones I have done in Palestine.

If you are at all interested, or would like more info please contact me on

Hope to be hearing from you.

Phil C
Ramsay 8 years ago
What about CRB checks?
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