DaveW99999 10:36am, 10 May 2015
Hi all,

I have just seen this 'Photo-editing' internship advertised for a company in Dunbar (East Lothian). Not sure if anyone on this group is interested but the following link has the details are information on how to apply.

iso200com 6 years ago
Can I just summarise their 'offer' as 'grossly exploitative'?? They want someone not only a] to work for free but b] to also provide their own computer and software??
Chris_Malcolm 6 years ago
Where does it say no pay? I see that pay isn't mentioned, maybe I'm being naive in expecting to see zero pay explicitly said? It looks like a lot of seriously tedious work which I can't imagine anyone wanting to do purely to be able to put on their CV that they've proved they can do that kind of work. A week's work would prove that.
Billy Currie 6 years ago

"The internship is unpaid, and candidates must have their own equipment (computer, photo editing software etc.)"
Chris_Malcolm 6 years ago
Oops! I must read job offers more carefully!
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