Valter Jacinto | Portugal 2:04pm, 5 May 2015

My photos are not going to EOL... since 3 weeks ago!
treegrow 7 years ago
We are still dealing with the aftermath of migrating EOL data and software to new servers. Harvest will resume shortly, but will probably be a bit slower than usual as the harvest queue has grown very large during the downtime. Thanks for your patience.

Something is wrong!
Today is June 13 and my photos are not in EOL! What's happenned?
known mint [deleted] 7 years ago
Harvesting still not running ... since May 2015. Same happens with some EOL-internal search frunctions.
treegrow 7 years ago
Yes, the Flickr harvest is very large, and we are still having problems getting it to run smoothly. We'll keep trying. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.
When? This year?
Bennyboymothman 6 years ago
Still not working, just to let you know.
known mint [deleted] 6 years ago
Service unavailable, information missing, stagnation anywhere - regrettable!
Quo vadis, EoL?
Yes, tomorow is October - When photos are showed in EOL?
known mint [deleted] 6 years ago
EoL = Exhausted or Living ???
treegrow 6 years ago
Sorry guys, we're all tied up in rebuilding big pieces of EOL, including the harvesting code. Normal operations will resume once we're over the hump, and development of new bells & whistles will be a lot easier with the new code. Please hang in there, it will be worth it. Thanks for your patience.
Michael Wunderli 6 years ago
hi... any news? Is the harvester up again?
This seems to be a long-term revision... from an end user perspective, it would really help to have a realistic ETA for when the harvest from Flickr will resume.
treegrow 6 years ago
We would if we could. Unfortunately, this is part of a major rebuilt, and we are currently very short-staffed. All we can say right now is that we are digging out slowly but steadily. The Flickr harvest will definitely resume, and all properly licensed and tagged images will find their way to EOL eventually.
Azchael 6 years ago

Any news on when the harvest is going to work again?
lhirlimann 6 years ago
How can we help ? I got some sysadmin foo.
Arthur Chapman 6 years ago
It is a huge task running an organisation such as EOL with small staff numbers and low budget. EOL relies heavily on others - many voluntary - to make it all work. The images that come via Flickr are only one very small part of what is required to make EOL work - albeit an important part. Some criticise EOL for wanting images for free - but it is a part of the move toward Citizen Science - where Citizen Scientists (and professional scientists) work together to make a resource available to the betterment of science. Without the work of Citizen Scientists the task would be much harder. So please have patience - the staff are working to the best of their ability and they really do appreciate having the photos available under the Creative Commons licensing.

Meanwhile - for those that provide photos from Australia, they are being regularly harvested by the Atlas of Living Australia and are being made available there.
known mint [deleted] 6 years ago
Authors wishing to contribute to the “betterment of science” (Arthur) via EOL are obliged to offer their singular images, films and texts under the modules of Creative Commons licensing, mainly not as CC0 (public domain), but as CC-BY-NC-SA to take control on the appropriate use of their copyrighted work – and to avoid exploitation as far as possible. For EOL arises just from this circumstance an ethical obligation to protect the contributors and members by accepting and re-publishing their work in an acceptable manner and velocity - by offering an additional platform to save and disseminate the entrusted data to a more enthusiastic and biology-orientated auditorium. I think that Valter’s sentiment is in alignment with this statement.
When harvester up again?
I'm very disappointed with EOL... Free photos, added machine tags... for nothing!
I publish all my pictures as CC0. I don't ask Attribution and the pictures can be used commercialy.
How can I contribute to EOL?
treegrow 5 years ago
Sorry, harvesting is still on hold. EOL content is currently frozen, and there is no way to contribute until harvesting resumes. Once that happens, all the images in this group that are properly licensed and tagged will be imported. Thanks for your continued patience. We know it's been a long time.
Why photos posted in this group are not going to
No more Free photos for EOL!
Azchael 4 years ago
treegrow: Dear treegrow, any news on a timeline when harvesting will resume again?
No answer til now... why?
Drriss & Marrionn 3 years ago
This is very sad indeed....
I can understand that migrating to new servers and upgrading software can take a while and that you ask your members to be patient.....but 3 years now...
3 years of being patient and 10 years of contributing free pictures to what we thought being a scientific internet-site with academic sources that you are supposed to trust on liability ?
We are entitled to get a decent explanation on what is happening and why nothing is done to finish this upgrade you've been excusing for....Especially for all these Flickr photographers who kept contributing and kept believing this was all temporarily.....
Please ???? So that we can move on ???
JC Merriman Posted 3 years ago. Edited by JC Merriman (member) 3 years ago
The Group pool can still be searched by species etc. so it's not a total loss.
Much easier to submit direct to Atlas of Living Australia or your national database -
amadej2008 3 years ago
Does anybody know, is EOL dead? Any hopes for resurrection? Would be nice to know this.
Drriss & Marrionn Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Drriss & Marrionn (member) 3 years ago's what I asked 2 months ago too !!
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