Russell Cumming 6:43am, 14 July 2016
Hello, I am just about to commence contributions to EOL and hence ALA. But I have three concerns:

1. It is requested that all photos contributed to this group be high res. But I have always uploaded good quality but low res photos to Flickr and I now have photos of thousands of records that I could contribute to EOL, if low res photos are acceptable.

2. It is requested that more than one photo of a record be uploaded only if the second photo shows something significantly different. However I have always taken photosets for each record and I generally have 3 to 5 and up to 10 photos per record, which show habitat, habit, and close-ups of flowers, fruit and leaves for each plant record, but not necessarily something entirely different in each photo. ie, I often have 2 or more photos of the flowers. I would dearly like to always contribute all of the photos that go with each record if I can.

3. It is requested that photos be of live organisms in their natural habitat. I am right into weeds, which are organisms that are not in their natural habitat. I presume that contributing photos of feral plants would be ok?

treegrow 6 years ago
Hi Russel, these are all just recommendations, not hard and fast rules.

1. High resolution images will be more valuable for some uses, e.g., if somebody is looking for images they may want to use in a museum display or printed product. But low resolution will still be valuable, especially if they are of rarely photographed taxa.

2. Different views of the same organism or even the same part of an organism are valuable. If you submit several images that show the same view, EOL curators may give low ratings or hide some of them as duplicates.

3. Actually, by "natural" we don't necessarily mean native. We prefer images of plants that have "selected" their own habitat to those planted by humans.

The EOL Flickr pool hasn't been harvested in quite some time, but another harvest is in the works. We'll announce it in the group discussion once the images have been imported to EOL.
Let's wait 1 more Year!
Russell Cumming 6 years ago
Thanks Treegrow. That is all good. I shall get stuck into my contributions now. Cheers.
Russell Cumming 6 years ago
Treegrow, could you please outline just exactly what harvesting is.

I was referred to this Flickr group by the Atlas of Living Australia, where I had started to upload records directly. I could see all of those records, which I sent individually, on my ALA page, with a map of Australia showing where they are all located.

What I would dearly like is for records that go to ALA via the Encyclopedia of Life Images group to appear on my page and map quickly. But it seems that this will only happen after a harvesting episode, which may only happen once a year. Or maybe it they won't appear on my ALA page and map at all? Do I have the right impression about this?

treegrow 6 years ago
I don't know how often ALA harvests this group. Their harvesting process is independent of the EOL harvests and should not have been impacted by the problems we have had for the last few months. If you have a contact within ALA, it's best to ask them.
Russell Cumming 6 years ago
Oh I see, it is a separate thing. Ok thanks, I will ask my ALA contact.
Arthur Chapman 5 years ago
Hi Russell

The ALA has a similar harvest and everything that applies to the EOL applies to the ALA. For the ALA however, they like one extra machine tag for Australian taxa i.e. "geo:country=Australia" You can check out some of my images to check out the machine tags I use if you wish.
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