*volar* 8:16pm, 6 January 2009
The start bird has been postet! Brag here! Any bird in the pool after Chili is in the game!

All our feathery friends love to play and everything can be a toy for
them...............paper. cardboard, branches, bells, pacifier, ropes..........etc.

So let's see what your birds found interesting and entertaining to play with.

Playful Chili

As soon you see playful Chili on Thursday afternoon the bragging thread is open.

All players are welcome !

Happy PLAYING BIRDS Feathery Friday
Ollie girl 13 years ago
Lucy Playing "THE BELLS"

I didn't see this was open... but now I do!

Lucy loves her "Bells"
gimlack 13 years ago
Okay, I don't think I have any pictures of birds playing with toys, so here are two young Falcons playing a game of Tag.
Mercury-Meyye-Tag-IMG_0518-San Jose-crop
Cameron_hf 13 years ago
"Südlicher Hornrabe (Zoo Heidelberg)" by Cameron_hf [?]
Südlicher Hornrabe (Zoo Heidelberg)
kithg 13 years ago
Merlin went to town on Christmas morning and had a great time playing. Everybody was all together and it was sunny and she was into it big time!
Christmas Day
Dancing is like play....

Hummingbird Ballerinas by Judy Adams - Mosaic Addict 1
Lisa G Richards 13 years ago
Here's a baby chick and a rubber duckie!

Rubber duckie buddy
KoriG 13 years ago
I had a blast photographing this playful Cockatoo...he/she loved laughing at us too :-)

Just hanging around
Mad Bird Woman Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Mad Bird Woman (member) 13 years ago
Shinda had great fun playing with this bottle the other day.

He flew with it in his beak up to the rope!

hallebudgies 13 years ago
Theo loves playing with rings.

Eine grüne Elster - A green magpie
ZGrmy 13 years ago
these are all such fun shots!! I dont have any playing birds :-(
Ollie girl 13 years ago
ZGmy (and everyone)!

Your playing bird doesn't have to be with a manufactured toy. It can be any bird just playing i.e. in a fountain, with a stick, or anything you think is "playing."

Here's my crew hanging out on the 4-compartment bird stand. BTW, the plumbers that I had to call in 3 weeks ago were really impressed with my PVC-pipe creation! :D

Happy Feathery Friday!
Peggy Collins 13 years ago
Playing hide and seek...
New Year's Resolution #7: Be Curious and Always Learning
eloranta 13 years ago
Thor loves playing with anyone or anything, Peep wasn't so sure...

Thor and Peep
ZGrmy Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ZGrmy (member) 13 years ago
ok - here is Cookie playing "peek-a-boo" with a zoo visitor - yes - he actually does :-)
Peek-a-Bird - "Cookie" is 75+ yrs old

Cookie is 75+ yrs old
*volar* 13 years ago
Typical Male! He plays and she has to watch
*volar* Posted 13 years ago. Edited by *volar* (admin) 13 years ago
Can't see enough of those playful, interesting birds!
pandoraice 13 years ago
I tried to get a picture of West playing with his ping-pong ball in his box, but he decided to play a game of Pop-Goes-the-West or I guess, Peeky-Boo with me!! Really gave me a case of the giggles.
West playing peeky-boo....
BékiPe 13 years ago
Does playing cards count? :)
Pick a card! Any. (IMG_1488)
tuxette 13 years ago
Nebbeline likes playing around with my fingers!

finger food!
birdyboo 13 years ago
Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Hop, Skip, and a Jump
common rail [deleted] 13 years ago
Moli having fun

Moli having fun in a bowl
kithg 13 years ago
Playdate! Feathery Friday
eva8* 13 years ago
now she's playing with MY toys!
zelda on the tripod
BékiPe 13 years ago
A lovebird way of playing hangman. :)
Is this how to play hangman? (IMG_6355)
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