Leticia Roncero 4:12pm, 12 March 2020
Hi everyone!

We've been keeping a close eye on the growing concern and spread of COVID-19 and have decided that it is in the best interest of our communities to officially postpone the upcoming Flickr Worldwide Photowalk Day on April 4th, 2020.

We would rather keep you and others around you safe and healthy so you can take even more photos and share them on Flickr. Once we have determined a new date for this event, we will be sure to announce it as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding and we'll still see you and your work on Flickr!
MassageFitMag 2 years ago
Understood. Thank you, Leticia. I hope we can do this in the fall.
bsherm 2 years ago
Great choice (from among bad options). I look forward to the reschedule.
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
A shame but I'm guessing it's best to make the decision a few weeks out. I know some people in the London Flickr group had already booked trains etc....... We'll wait to hear about a date for the rescheduled date.

On the plus side this has brought some attention to our new group and it's doubled in size since the email went out last week.......
cwarnercarey 2 years ago
Thanks for the update. I was actually hoping to promote it as a potentially safer activity in fresh air, but I understand the concerns.
YvonSteenbergen 2 years ago
Thanks for the update, Leticia.
JC Merriman 2 years ago
Amen to that!
Good call. Let's do this another time.
darko.stojanovski 2 years ago
A safety reminder, stay at home with hope that we will come out of this crisis more united, stronger human beings sharing much more and better shots in near future.
Check Alan's 2 years ago
Yes. Good call on this. Let's protect our vulnerable by staying at home. Looking forward to the new date...
Albert A T 2 years ago
Ohh Dear.. I was looking forward to it and did not realise that it was postponed. I have left my home this morning 6.30 am on my bike going all around West London, Central and City of London. it was an amazing and such weird feeling as London really is like a ghost town. On the other hand i needed to leave home and be on my bike as I was "suffocating" at home
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Albert A T: Sorry to hear that but at least you got some excercise..... If you keep an eye on the London Flickr Group thread we'll update you once a new date is announced :
Albert A T 2 years ago
Thanks so much... It was my first day out in 8 days and I really needed to get out of my flat..Thanks be to god I can watch some absolutely amazing photos in Flickr.
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
I'm toying with the idea of a virtual Photowalk for the London group although the emphasis would be on people raiding their archives rather than taking photos.

Over the course of a day (or a week) I would post a new group thread with a location from the route I'd originally planned and then people would post photos from that location. The emphasis would be on sharing ideas, asking questions etc. If nothing else it would act as a good advert for the Photowalk once it were reoganised.......

At the moment I'm still trying to establish a level of interest but if this goes ahead it would start Sunday 19th April at 2pm GMT. More info here :
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Plans for a virtual London 'Photo Trail' are coming together nicely. Details will be announced tomorrow in the London Flickr Group :
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
The London Flickr Group will launch their virtual Photo Trail at 2pm tomorrow, Sunday 26th April and it'll run over the course of a week.

Locations featured will follow the route of the postponed London Photowalk. We'll start at the Monument to the Great Fire of London, 'travel' through the City of London and head east to Spitalfields and Brick Lane. The idea is to post photos from the locations as they're announced, two locations / subjects per day. There will be a mix of well known locations, a few more 'off the beaten track' as well as a few more generic subjects like 'Red Phone boxes' and 'London Street Art'.

This isn't a competition and everyone is welcome to take part by contributing photos, interesting fact / stories about the locations and of course constructively commenting on and favouriting photos that catch their eye.

More details here for anyone interested :

A London Flickr Group Admin.
Magnann DP 2 years ago
Leticia Roncero:

Thanks Leticia, will wait in anticipa....tion!
cheryluy0609 1 year ago
I just join the group and I think I will have a great time with all of you. Thank you. Waiting for the next activities.
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