decembre 8:36pm, 11 July 2020
Flickr WideScreen - BigONE:- Feeds page

I have updated Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 1)
to support the New Fedds Design.
Some tweaks with it:
- 1 - The Info Sidebar is only visible on hover over the red "◀" on the top right of the Feeds.
Gif Screenshot:

- 2 - The "Small View" :
- Show 2 items by row.
- When only one shot in an item, it take the full width of it
- 4 - The Feeds Tool bar stay fixed on top.

- 3 - For a Dark and Grey flavor, i have updated too:
Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey

About Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 1):
"It's ONLY for a WIDESCREEN(1920x1080)!
► The Goal: use at its maximum my WideScreen:
- for the shots (Maximize the number of shots visible in the window)
- for the Info (scroll list and hover)
- for an admin happy life (adaptation for selected Greasemonkey scripts)
- Less scrolling with a compact and useful styled interface.
- Less "IN THE FACE" style (Smaller version of the shots in Photo Page and Justified Views)."

Other info on its page.
To install it you need :
Stylus - Easily install themes and skins for many popular sites
Stylus browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.
Groups Beta