GustavoG 5:28am, 1 April 2005
Please do read the group's description! :)

Please suggest how to improve it to make it really, really clear.
This text here will change in the future. I guess some of the description text will move here.
Ok, to save time I made it open to the public.

Feel free to invite your friends - and add your image to the pool! :)
joaobambu 17 years ago
Great Idea!
brawny door [deleted] 17 years ago
Very good idea, GustavoG.
zen 17 years ago
Snappy idea, G!
John Goldsmith 15 years ago
Great idea. Of course, I just found out today. Of course, this topic ended before I even began using flickr account and nobody has left a message in 13 months. Oh well. I still like the idea.
GustavoG 15 years ago
Yes, this group has been rather dormant... then again, it was never meant to be really active. Simply a repository of the single image of the user's typical icon.
John Goldsmith Posted 15 years ago. Edited by John Goldsmith (member) 15 years ago
With all due respect, I don't really understand the purpose of rule 2 (see below).

Since becoming a member of flickr, I have used 3 or 4 icons that I would consider my "standard" icon. What is the harm if I were to post several in this group. I don't identify to just one icon, just as some people with tattoos don't have just one favorite.

For clarification, I don't believe all groups should be a dumping grounds for people's photos, but I also don't believe that this group would be prone to that, especially considering the low traffic in this group over the past 13 months. Maybe it is time FlickrIcons had a rejuvenation?

Not a big deal for me really, but you did ask for suggestions about making this group better.



"2) Many of us switch icons frequently, e.g. to suit a holiday, the New Year, a mood, or just on a whim. This is a place for storing your "standard" or "typical" icon, which can be used (for example) for creating posters collating icons of many Flickr users . . . Please upload a single image representing you."
GustavoG 15 years ago
The main purpose of this group has always been to provide higher resolution icons for posters and such. At least that was my main reason for creating it.
For a poster, I need one single icon per person. Otherwise, one would need to make some arbitrary rule for choosing one out of potentially several images...

There has long existed a group for storing retired icons, and it's been linked to from this group's description since its inception.

Finally, some users change icons very frequently. Over time, their imagery could very easily marginalize other people's single icons.
John Goldsmith 15 years ago
I see now. There is a greater purpose than folks just sharing their icons, for example, the interesting flickr research you do. Funny about the retired icon group though, cuz they have only about 15% (16 people) of the membership as this group.

Anyway, I like the idea of this group, because I like to know why people choose the icons they do. I am entertained by the philosophy and discussion about identity as it relates to icons. Maybe I am somewhat alone in this reasoning and misguided about his groups purpose.

Though I like the openness of your last statement about marginalizing, and it potentially makes this a more interesting group, it obviously lowers the activity that I was seeking when I sought out this subject/group. I also wonder how many icons folks could possibly upload if given the chance. Another research topic for you, I suppose. :)
GustavoG 15 years ago
By all means, feel free to start such discussions. You probably will have more answers in larger groups, particularly FlickrSocial, that already has a lengthy thread about the meaning of user icons.
John Goldsmith 15 years ago
Thanks, G!
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