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Let other members see your picture and if your lucky it might get an invite to the pool.

Please add only "Small" size images in the thread. The photo(s) will be removed from the thread once it has been given an invite and you can add it to the pool. This will keep the thread short and help other members to go through deserving images to give an invite!

Please Note - Images (with no award) will be removed after seven days to keep thread from being to long.

****** RULE ******
If you submit an image then please give at least one FlicksLegend award to another image in the thread.
Please, please remove image from the thread after you receive a FlickrsLegend award.

Please use the following INVITE CODE to invte images to the pool!
Copy between the lines!

<b>This shot is a legend! Please add it to
</b><a href=""><img src="" />
Flickr's Legend - Invited Images Only!</a>
Once you add, please tag your image with <b>"FlickrsLegend"</b>
<b>Please read the <a href="">Flickr's Legend Group Rules</a></b>


PLEASE NOTE: If an image remains in this thread and has not been given an invite for 7 days, it will be deleted without notice!

All images that have been given an invite are still subject to approval by the admins and moderators!
mamietherese1 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mamietherese1 (member) 6 years ago
Fleur sauvage d'Alsace
picPick 5 years ago
happy hour
little_frank 5 years ago
cwu137 5 years ago
cwu137 5 years ago
Lightcrafter Artistry 5 years ago
Roosevelt's Stomping Grounds
little_frank 4 years ago
You will remember
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