Sabby3000 5:25pm, 23 September 2007
If you're not sure how to post an image, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Select the image you would like to add to a thread.

2. Once you've clicked on the image, go to "ALL SIZES" that you will find on top of the image

3. Once you get to "ALL SIZES", click on the size that has been specified by the admin/moderator at the top of the page (if no size has been specified, please just add small of a medium).
Otherwise some of the choices that may be available to you are: Thumbnail, Square, Small, Medium, Large, Original, etc.

4. Under the size that you choose, you will find a text box that has the html code in it. This text box is under the small sized version of your image.

5. Copy the htlm code
(To copy: select the entire text inside the box and hit ctrl+c or you could right click on the selected text and select "copy")

6. Come to this thread and paste the html code in the textbox!
(TO paste, make sure the cursor is in the text box below and hit ctrl+v or right click and select "paste')

(IF YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO NUMBER YOUR IMAGE, PLEASE HIT ENTER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE HTML CODE IN THE COMMENT BOX AND ADD "#{number of image" - More instructions will be available for you in the Contest Rules Section of the original thread)

7. And submit! =)
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