Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton 11:48pm, 20 December 2007
I've just enjoyed a slide show of the group pool. Most of the award groups are meaningless, since it's just a "payback" scheme with no real sense of quality. I especially don't participate in groups that have a viewing or faving requirement.
Thanks for the refreshing change - it truly seems to be about "quality, quality, and quality"
This group is outstanding compared to most award groups.
Sabby3000 13 years ago
thank you! =)

We do appreciate the kind words and we're happy to know that our "hard work" is being noticed (=
and yes, we do make the effort of making this group exceptionally outstanding! Not only it looks good, but I personally hope that members (and non-members) are using this group as a learning tool...

Once again, thank you!!!
I just got my first invite to this group, in turn learning of it's existence. I fully agree, it contains quality, quality, and quality!! Could have commented on every single capture, fully worth a visit from any standard of photographer.

regards, Paul.
Sabby3000 13 years ago
Thanks, Paul! =)
spiffy fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
I want to send this group a decent size Icon as the winner for that, Also do you have to tag your photo with "Flickr's Legend" if it's in this group?
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