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I live in New York
Sabby3000 13 years ago
Toronto, Canada...
TO, Canada & Bozsva , Hungary
Hi, Susanna from Italy! Thanks to Lynn from invitation!
Aedo09 13 years ago
Hola a todos, soy de Argentina, Provincia de Santa Fe, Ciudad de Santa Fe , me apasiona la fotografia aunque aun no se si soy buen fotografo
Vic de Vera 13 years ago
Kumusta? I'm Vic...from Philippines... : )
7UMG 13 years ago
jakeof 13 years ago
i'm Jake and live in Chichester Sussex UK.
Hello to you all.
paulo_nuno 12 years ago
Hi guys,thanx for the invitation,
i'm from Lisbon/Portugal,and live in Dublin/Ireland.
Hello guys.

I am living in Norway and shoot a lot in eastern mountainranges, southern/south-west/western coastal sceneries etc.
Norway has so many photo opportunities for the nature/landscape photographer and I recommend everyone consider this next time you don`t know where to go :-)

Seung Kye
billowenphotography 12 years ago
thanks for the invite
I am from Oxfordshire UK
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