Posting images

exultant giraffe [deleted] 12:29am, 2 October 2008
Sorry to post here but, after receiving an invite, I tried to post a photo but got this message:

We can't add that to the group because it's either already in the group, is in too many groups, or doesn't follow the rules of this group.

How can I post my photo to your group?

If you got that message it means you can not add this picture to any group because it's probably in too many groups.
Sabby3000 13 years ago
just to further elaborate... if you're not a pro account holder (i.e. if you do not pay to use flickr) you are only allowed to post to 10 groups! In case you want to add to other groups, you have to remove your image(s) from another pool to accomodate ....
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