fd 11:59pm, 21 November 2005
Do you have a group that makes use of the toys for a particular theme or purpose? For example, I just found today the Librarian Trading Cards group.

If you have a group that does something like this or you know of one, please post a link here. I intend to keep a master index of such groups and add it to the main page of this group.

fd 16 years ago
endora57 16 years ago
Leo Reynolds 16 years ago
The Set Announcements group is using mosaics as a visual link to new sets.
Mr. Mark 16 years ago
fd 16 years ago
FILM - start making it from your poster
fd 16 years ago
fd 16 years ago
SuperDave!! 16 years ago
"Top 20 Favorites for 2005 as chosen by the Flickr World"...

Create a set of your top 20 most favorited photos for 2005. Create a mosaic/collage of those 20 pics and post the mosaic to this group along with a link to the set...

-- from SuperDaveNM - (?)
GStrader 16 years ago
-- from gstrader - (?)
Ctd 2005 16 years ago
Yes several Groups you all might want to check out;

The 9 Panel(3X3)mosaic Group Which is my favorite format!

And most recently The Top 20 most viewed 2005

Great tools !!!
KiwiNessie 16 years ago
Thanks for the Scout tool! I have started a group for the Interestingness - Top 500. Not all of us achieve a top 10 spot :)
trucolorsfly 16 years ago
Auntie K 16 years ago
Digital Fragments asks members to post images of collages, piles, contact sheets, photo grids, mosaics, montages, etc., and we list your website as a software source.
Leo Reynolds Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (moderator) 16 years ago
Scout Posters

A group for posters of your Scout results can be posted it here. Please include the image links in the description.
quadrapop 16 years ago
dvaires 16 years ago
Interestingness: The Posters '06, '07, and Beyond!
especially_today Posted 16 years ago. Edited by especially_today (member) 15 years ago
Calendar Year
Create a calender mosaic (4x3) with one photo to represent each month of 2005.
fragile exchange [deleted] 16 years ago
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i am sending love to all of you...

Come on over to Send Some Love and add your valentine!!

virtuallykirby 15 years ago
Been there and did it Holly :-)
Mermaniac 15 years ago
I'm happy to announce the formation of the Recipe Mosiac group.

Have a favorite recipe? Enjoy cooking? Take pictures of yourself making a dish, and then create a mosaic of your images.

Here's one I made of me making fried chicken.

Chicken Fry

Please check out the Recipe Mosiac group today.

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Archer's Eye Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Archer's Eye (member) 15 years ago
This is a pool for "Tribute" mosaics that showcase photos you have faved from other Flickr photographers work.
brendadada 15 years ago
For 120 film on medium format cameras, a mosaic of 12 shots all taken in 120 minutes:
120 Challenge
The Red Spotting Challenge for Valentine's Day images.
fd 15 years ago
fd 15 years ago
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WARNING: wear your sunglasses before looking through the pool:

squared circle mosaics

acoustitch 15 years ago
Hi! we are monthly mosaics - a place to share a photo story of what is happening in your life this month! Come and join and introduce yourself! Dana

Leo Reynolds Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (moderator) 15 years ago
pieaddict 15 years ago
Just created a new group for all your warolized photos!

42 presidents
[Christine] 15 years ago
Please participate in the new group "12 for 2006"

Use the mosaic maker to showcase your 12 best shots from 2006.
thekidds 15 years ago
eric-chen84 14 years ago
China,street.we are live in china
confused car [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by confused car (member) 14 years ago
Your latest 36 favorites in a mosaic, uploading once a month:
Favs For Friends

March 2007
confused car [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by confused car (member) 14 years ago
Your realized 3D-cube. Upload as many as you like:
cube - i made one

Cube - I made one
dirigibleballoons 14 years ago
friday's flickr fix, using the mosaics tool to create juxtaposed pairs from flickr favorites.

a fun thing to do on fridays!
Chrisser 14 years ago
For those with creations from not only FlickrToys, but also Dumpr, please check out Dumpr And FlickrToys Fun. Thank you very much.
versed tree [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by versed tree (member) 14 years ago
Announcing The Campaign for Flickr President. In this group I plan to have monthly challenges with suggested Flickr Toys help.

The Campaign for Flickr President
mag3737 14 years ago
over in Themed Alphabets we don't use flickr toys for the actual photos in the group, but i use the mosaic maker to record each completed alphabet for posterity.
Kitzzy 14 years ago
This is not my group, but I've used the mosaic feature for it many times.

A story in 4 Frames Challenge
Adrian MB 14 years ago
Hello, I'm the admin of the Trophy group.
Trophy. Get yours at

Thanks for all your amazing Flickr Toys!
thekidds 14 years ago
Monthly Scavenger Hunt members post completed monthly personal hunt mosaics and monthly personal faves of everyone else's hunt in threads.
FlickrCrazy Guy 14 years ago
UK and Ireland in Bloom!. Get yours at
Fernanda_Ferreira 14 years ago
I create a Top 20 system about toys
ShellyS 14 years ago
It's a bit specialized, but I created a group combining the Badgemaker and rubber ducks:

Rubber Duck Brigade.
mag3737 13 years ago
not long ago i founded a group specifically for colour-based mosaics:

Colour mosaics
Sue's Photography Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Sue's Photography (member) 13 years ago
I have recently started a fun group - Pets & flickr Toys!
All pet creations welcome!

I LOVE your SPECIAL Pet Creation!
Please come and join us at:

~ Pets & flickr Toys ~
Cecca W 13 years ago
I couldn't see a group for pictures created using the Museum Mat tool so I've just created one:

Sunflowers - framed

Please post your Matted Art!
Groups Beta