giggie larue 4:53am, 18 May 2018
Trying to use BHL with active Flickr acct but keeps trying to sign me on to an old Flickr acct I no longer use (I must've used that to link to a long time ago.)

How do I stop BHL from automatically linking with inactive acct and switch to desired acct?
mag3737 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by mag3737 (moderator) 3 years ago
There's a "sign out" link at the very top right corner; does that help?

I did it, and then clicked "back to home page" and then "sign in" again. The login field was pre-filled with the same account as before, but I could retype a different one.
giggie larue 3 years ago
Logged out and back but won't allow a retype. I think it might be a problem with trying from an android. Will try later from my antiquated laptop (a while 'nother set of glitches expected, but I'll try!)
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