Pedro Nuno Caetano 9:43pm, 21 February 2017
I'm trying to make a mosaic (which I've done without any problem in the past years). While doing this, I was asked to link to my Flickr account, which happens from time to time. So far, nothing unusual.

The problem is, when I click the button to connect, I get the message above, and it just doesn't connect to my account.

Can anyone help?

g026r 4 years ago
Just seconding the above: it's been doing it all day and is still doing it.
mag3737 4 years ago
I see a similar problem. I'll email John in case he's not checking this group.

The problem seems to be that (1) BigHugeLabs lost its connection to my Flickr account and (2) it doesn't seem to be able to reconnect (that's when I get the error message mentioned in the OP).

FYI, you can verify that BHL is connected to your Flickr account by looking here:

Right now while this is broken, you can still get the Mosaic Maker to work IF your photos are Public, by putting them together in an album (in the order you want them in the mosaic), and then using the "Flickr photoset" option in the Mosaic Maker. If any of the photos are Private, they'll show up as blanks in the result.
mag3737 4 years ago
... and it appears to be fixed. Thanks John!
Pedro Nuno Caetano 4 years ago
Solved, thanks!
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