taylorinnocenzi 2:53am, 5 March 2018
Alright so I go to the bighugelabs website and when I click onto the login/sign up page from ANYWHERE it just takes me to the blank page that says "This site cannot be reached" and then avast goes all "DING DING DING threat has been detected!" (it says it's infected with "HTML:Google-A [Phish]"?)
So, is the bighugelabs login page infected with a virus? I just ran a smart scan and it says there are no viruses on my laptop, so... it's probably not me, I guess? so what is happening? why is this happening. why me.
mag3737 3 years ago
Login to BHL is working OK for me.
Chrisser 3 years ago
I was able to get into BigHugeLabs today to create four April 1st Scout posters - and this is a feature and not a bug or April Fool's joke every April 1st. I don't use the Login option to use BHL. I use the option that gives me the option to authorize the use of my Flickr account after using the link for linking my Flickr account to BHL.

Also, programs that check for viruses, spyware and other malware don't catch everything. And phoning your Internet provider won't help with your situation. Internet providers only help when your computer is having issues and if you are having connection issues that you cannot fix yourself.
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