Sam Breach 4:11pm, 14 June 2006
Not much interest in this subject.
Too easy maybe?
Andrew always shrks away from my more challenging idea suggestions.
I wanted to do white on white - too difficult he said.
I wanted to to do "hot & cold" - too difficult he said.

Is in the interest in foodography fading or is it just this particular chalenge?

Maybe people are too busy this month.

what does everyone think?
Fahara 15 years ago
Just haven't had a chance yet,after such a 'difficult' challenge last time I think the more open topic of 'hot' is good, just need to get round to taking some pics - entry is promised!
wine_scribbler 15 years ago
I have some ideas I am playing around with...

I think it is down to the summer, things are quieter around the blogs and I assume the internet in general, because if it.

But I really dont recall saying 'too difficult' against hot and cold, I was already with my baked alaska ;-)

(like I could cook a bloody baked Alaska!)
MeetaK 15 years ago
Sam, I love the theme. I have been gathering my ideas and funny enough today took some my first picture. I have one or two other ideas but we have a little while before the challenge ends right?
spotted pizzas [deleted] 15 years ago
Sam, I'm kind of thinking about the different possibilities. Posting my first pic soon! The theme is nice, I think it's summer that makes us lazy!
tunaranch Posted 15 years ago. Edited by tunaranch (member) 15 years ago
Oooh, love this one

I want to do one for the current theme, but my weekends have been chock full.

Oh, and Wine Scribber, it's Winter down under :D You're welcome to visit.
Lara Ferroni 15 years ago
No problem with the theme! Just slow this month... hey, I haven't even done anything for my own food photography theme yet...
Sam Breach 15 years ago
problem is in Sf it is so damned hot at the moment, I can barely move, let alone take a picture.

I found this on my friend matthieu's photoblog the other day. I am sure he isn't aware of foodography - but this is the entry I wish I had taken!
alert volcano [deleted] 15 years ago
I'm sorry. I haven't participated in the last 2 challenges. Life's gotten in the way ... haven't even updated my own blog! :-/

I like this challenge. I'll try to come up with something!
alan_f 15 years ago
Hi, I saw your group about food photography and wanted to join in. Hope you don't mind!

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