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handmadeheavendotbiz 11:43am, 7 June 2008
Thanks for joining the new Frit Happens group on flickr. Please say hello and tell us a bit about you.

Here's my intro...

Hello all. My name's Steph and I'm a glass addict!! I'm a contemporary kiln-fused glass artist living and working in Cheltenham on the edge of the Cotswolds, UK. Working under the name Handmade Heaven, I produce affordable 'artworks' for everyday use, showcase artwork for wall-mounting and display, gifts and 'wearable' art in the form of jewellery for men and women, with this range ever-expanding as I try new ideas and techniques. The possibilities with glass are endless and my 'to do' list is huge! Over my time working with glass, I've become something of a 'coaster-queen', producing unique, fun and funky designs in bold and bright colours. I've sold to customers all over the UK and US, as well as Europe, so I am quite the international! My work has been described as "sweets for the eyes", real eye-candy stuff, and it's funny how many people have a strange urge to eat my glassy products! They do have that quality of boiled sweets about them but I wouldn't recommend them for consumption! Ok, so I could waffle on for England so I'd best give it rest before you nod off!

My website:
My blog:
My etsy shop:
Mad Cat Glass 13 years ago
Only meeeee ;O)

glasperlenwerk 13 years ago
Hi! Its me, afina / verena in FHF.
JulieHB 13 years ago
And I'm the same as on FHF - Julie :-)
Mad Cat Glass 13 years ago
Hey there you guys :O)

Les xx
Rowanberry Glass Art Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Rowanberry Glass Art (member) 13 years ago
Hello, its me Claire/*Rowanberry - Soz I have been quiet the past 2 months! I will explain when I grab the chance and when the new forum comes back, been caught up with real life stuff and not much time for any forums at all (so nothing personal). And fingers crossed we may be on the move from North Staffordshire soon to somewhere pretty!

Anyway, its good there is a flickr group (thanks Steph for invting me!) as it allows me to see what you have been making even though I have been out of the scene :D

You clever bunch!
flowerjasper 13 years ago
Hi all,
only me!
sandy x
handmadeheavendotbiz Posted 13 years ago. Edited by handmadeheavendotbiz (admin) 13 years ago
more, i want to know more about you (pretend i don't know you and what you do...)!!
Samantha Halliwell Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Samantha Halliwell (member) 13 years ago
Hey I found Flickr and can make it work!!! Y'all know me!! Saffie from FH. Steph you say you want more info long ya got!!!
Only kiddin' my name is Sam and i have been dabbling in glass for about a year. I have my own website at and my own blog at
Nice to see you guys here! Hope you don't mind me joining!

bykeiara 13 years ago
hiya :) keiara/wishing wells glass from FH :) <3 kei xox
Hi Kaz here from FH! (At last I am starting to work out how this works!)
EJR Beads 13 years ago
Hi all -

It's me, Emma Ralph here - beadmaker and bead addict.

I still don't understand this whole thing, but will hopefully get there in the end. Nice to see so many familiar "faces" !

Emma 13 years ago
Hi guys!!

I'm trying to work my way around flickr and bumped into you...nice to see familiar faces!
Denise Karan 13 years ago
Hi everyone,
Thought it was about time I got up to speed with this Flickr thing, so here I am!
For those who don't know me, I'm Dee on FHF, but my bead and jewellery sites are called Indigo Lily & Indigo Lily Lampwork. I'd been making jewellery for quite a while and was becoming more and more interested in the beautiful lampwork beads. I had a lesson with Mike Poole last year then bought my own set-up in July this year. And here I am....hooked!
Some fabulous pictures on here guys!
mizgeorge 13 years ago
I have no idea what I'm doing (nothing new there). I can see I have some reading to do. Lovely to see everyone though!
halting manner [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by halting manner (member) 13 years ago
Hi! Dendrobium here (Glenn) from lurcking on the main forum, finally got the nerve to stick some pictures of wonkey beads onto here!
shallow tray [deleted] 13 years ago
Beautiful glass handmadeheaven!
handmadeheavendotbiz 12 years ago
thanks ;)
future letter [deleted] 12 years ago
Gosh I've only just seen that there is a frithappens group. I'm not a lampie but do make artglass panels and objects (cold working only at the moment but hope to get a kiln). I make and sell jewellery much of it featuring lampwork beads and fused cabs.
steampunkglass 12 years ago
Hi, I've stopped using the old Saillecrafts flikr account, and have finally added some more stuff to my photos

ta Glenn
pixiewillowdesigns Posted 12 years ago. Edited by pixiewillowdesigns (member) 12 years ago
Hello everyone, only just notices the link to this on fh!!
For those that don't know me, my name is Lorna and I am a glass addict from Leek in north staffs.
I love to play with lampwork, silver and seedbeads :o)
You can find more bits of my work on,, or
Katzeye Kreations 12 years ago
Hello everyone, I am a glass beadmaker from Australia. I have been making beads since 2005. My favourite style is organic and lately I am branching out into sculptural beads.

I am very new to Flickr so just finding my way around.

Hi Everyone, I am Jammie on frit happens, Jean, in real life! have joined flickr and posted some pics, I've been making jewellery for a few years now and I am in the process of getting a website up and running. My etsy shop is
Sassy Cactus Designs 12 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Michelle the newbie lampwork beader who has also joined the FH forum. I am just starting out having made my first beads last week with Jolene but I am definitely hooked. Seeing other members fantastic beads is so inspiring. I'm going to the Flame Off next weekend and I can't wait, I'll be like a kid in a candy store.
Michelle :)
adventurous ticket [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Nicola -another- newbie lampwork beader who has joined the FH forum. (aka Quartz)

My hothead arrived today ... so i thought it time to get a lampwork nickname and join on here too!

Stuff N All That 12 years ago
Hi Everybody
Tis I, the dangerous one, founder member of the Burnt Hand Gang, ask Kaz. The more you look the more you find, I'm not sure I can keep up with any more forums but I'm happy to have found this one.
Hey there

it's Trudi - shine-on2. Still trying to figure out flickr ..............
Puffafish Lampwork 12 years ago
Hello everyone from rachel B!
Helen G Beads 12 years ago
Hi, I'm HelenG aka Helen Gorick. I am a jeweller by trade but now would MUCH rather play with glass :-) You can find out more about me at
lamcfarland Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lamcfarland (member) 12 years ago
Hi to all, I am Lesley McFarland, know on FH as LesleyMac, finally joined up and have tracked you down thanks to Diane, Kate and Josephine. This looks great and lots of glassy goodies to admire.
I am based in Gloucester so hi to anyone close by. I make glass beads and sculpture and I have a website which is and I sell my work there. I will be doing the Stourbridge bead show this year and maybe i will see some of you there.
Enough said I reckon. Lesley
Kathryn Greer Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Kathryn Greer (member) 12 years ago
Hi everyone! :)

I'm MyPrecious on Frit Happens.

Tiara Ratu 12 years ago
Hi everyone!

I am Tresna from Germany and have been designing jewelry since 2004. I think this group is great! It helps me source where to find lampwork beads made by UK artists.
Besides my Flickr page, you can find bits of my work on

xtweeksx 12 years ago
Thought I better say hello as I haven't done so before - how rude I am!!!

I've been making beads about 5 yrs now.... still on the HH, although I have another torch in the attic (how bad am I? I will get it down an use it one of these days).

Hello, to those I do know and those I don't >waves>

Jen xx
nemea designs 12 years ago
Finally I've made it! Hellooooooo!
xtweeksx 12 years ago
Hello nemea
Glass&Light 12 years ago
Hi, from sunny Israel!

I'm a stained glass and bead artist living in a really small village of 100 families, tucked into a pine forest that is sitting on the edge of a huge desert that stretches south for thousands of miles. I have a home studio where I do all my work and I spend as much time there as possible :-)

It's inspiring to see so much wonderful work!

nemea designs 12 years ago
Hello there!
steampunkglass 12 years ago
Hello, sounds like a little slice of Heaven Cec! Nice to see another boro convert too!
hotforest 12 years ago
Hi, most of you know me as Zia on FH. After doing a workshop I started Lampworking at the end of April this year. I am still on a HH type thingy (weedkiller) and on bulk. Right now I am still enjoying doing this as hobby. I am new to all this and now finally got a blog up and running. I live in the lovely Vienna Woods, in Austria and juggle between family, home, work, an ever growing pet zoo, house build an endless amount of other crafts, and now beadmaking... Thanks for all your support...on my lampworking journey....
nemea designs 12 years ago
Hi Zia!
Glass-i Studio 12 years ago
Maggie here from FH forum, finally figured out how to do some of this uploading stuff. Still getting to grips with it (and glass!)
I'm based in sunny N.Ireland, any other lampworkers in this vicinity give me a shout.
A & R Jewellery 11 years ago
Hi all, Ruth here, finally sorted out how this works ( I Think)
Is there anyone else from Burton on Trent on here?
HelenPetersBeads 11 years ago
Hello. Finally made it over here. Don't know where everyone finds the time to do this and Etsy and facebook and twitter and blog and FH and treasuries and take photos and even make beads. But I'm glad you do.

H x
Scarlet Leonard 11 years ago
I've just wandered in because I found the link on the FHFteam page.

Not great with flickr yet but it's slowly worming it's way into my daily routine.

Scarlet xx
Sean (Hamilton) Taylor 11 years ago
Hi all,

Thought I really ought to start posting more of my 'made' stuff - I'm new to flickr, so go easy on me....

AlisonGriffiths 11 years ago
Hiya, a few of you know me, I am a buyer (in quantity :)) at the moment, hoping to become a maker soon.

Alison Griffiths
Art of Hand 11 years ago
Deesigned Beads (Diana) here! I am slowly changing names, lol. Art of Hand is my brick&mortar shop in Cape Town, South Africa, as as I do more than just glass beads these days, I have decided on this name!
Maigret Lampwork 10 years ago
Hello everyone, it's me Marg - Margram on FHF I've been making lampwork beads for nearly two years, on and off.......and still loving it!! :O)
GaysieMay 10 years ago
Hi All, Gay from FH. Just been looking at all the lovely eye candy on here, what a talented bunch!
emveedesigns 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Mary or Emvee as some of you may know me as. I've been making jewellery for years now but only started making my own beads about 18 months ago. In that time I've sold to all over the UK, Germany, France and America.
You can see some of my work on
THEAjewellery 10 years ago
Hello - me again!
Joined the forum yesterday so while i'm on a roll...
I don't make beads but I do make jewellery with the gorgeous things you guys make. I'll start uploading pics to this group now. I'm based in Dorset just outside Bournemouth so if anyone is nearby, shout :0)
hope to get back to the forum later - bit of a manic day today.

Pandanimal 10 years ago
I finally found the frit happens flicker!
Yes I am a bit slow. Sorry.
I will try to post lovely photos here and on the forum.

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