metroblossom 6:22pm, 6 October 2008
Hey, all,

Gapers Block is going to do a photo feature for Detour on the theme of "Transitions," and we'd love to get submissions from the pool. If you'd like the chance to be included, please add your photographs to the pool with the tag "Transitions" by noon on Saturday, October 18. Please interpret the theme as you like.

Reminder: As always, to be included on the site, we need your name and easy access to an image that's at least 700px on its longest side. If you haven't already added your name here, please do so.
phule 13 years ago
Just to confirm, photos that are already in the pool will be accepted provided they have the "Transitions" tag?
metroblossom 13 years ago
Absolutely. The work needn't be new, although we'd also love to see new images too.
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