oceanician 11:00am, 12 July 2006
I think I remember using Dan's camera at some point, so guarantee all those were blurred ;)

Have uploaded a few of mine.
Just cleared the cache on the home mashup thingy I did @
(should be on ... will upload it properly once I get some time to make it nicer)

Top evening. How many were there in the end, I'm guessing 20-25 ?
Definately felt like a crowd of people rather than just a small gathering. Which is greeeat (TM Tony Tiger ;)

Have a good day peeps

anima 15 years ago
Have now posted mine to the group pool
oceanician 15 years ago
wow loads there lad.

not many blurred either, and I think I took a couple ... really nice camera day ill get a proper SLR as well as compact for snapping.
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