.CK 6:38pm, 2 May 2006

It's been a month today since Google released Google Maps API v2.0. I upgraded GMiF to v4.0 to support GMap2. Most of you might already know that Google Maps now covers Europe. With GMap API v2.0, roads maps of Europe are also supported and higher resolution of satellite images are available in some big cities.


Visit as well for more geotagged Flickr fun!
storem 15 years ago
Works like a charm. I tried some of my European places and got good results. Great job!
mortimer? 15 years ago
Great! but the font of the commands in the bubble are quite small for me.
Rubin Starset 15 years ago
Hi, should I guess that's a no to the batch Robo command for sets? Thanks.
decade_null 15 years ago
Hi, I'm new at geotagging and I just installed GMiF and added tags to couple of my photos. It very easy to get started - great job on the script!

However I noticed one small problem. I don't know if the problem is in the tags GMiF adds or in, but none of my photos from Canary Islands are displayed correctly when I click on the link added by GMiF. Here is one example.
.CK 15 years ago

It's the problem of It happens if the photo has no title. I've fixed the bug. Please press 'Ctrl+F5' to reload Your photo should appear on the map now. Thanks for the bug report.
Pascal Vuylsteker 15 years ago
Great tool in General !!!
Then for the details ...
- The difference between "Save Location" and Add is not clear
- When you Save a location, I understand that you indeed write to flickr (why not call that bouton that way), and then you still need to click on the marker and ask for the photo to be entered in Yuann.CC database. One could do everything at the same time ?
- When I try to use that Add bouton with geotaged in the popup menu, I receive the message "group not found"

- How should I do to get a group "geotagged Australia"
second-hand tail [deleted] 15 years ago
very nice!

i should add that the photo descriptions in need to have slashes stripped.

"it's a nice place" on flickr becomes "it\'s a nice place" on
.CK Posted 15 years ago. Edited by .CK (admin) 15 years ago

'Save Location' now will ping Yuan.CC Maps as well. 'Group not found' means you didn't join that group. Flickr API won't allow you to post photos to a group you are not in.

Is there the group 'Geotagged: Australia'? I got the list of geotagged group from here. If it doesn't exist yet, you can create one and tell me that. I'll add it to Yuan.CC Maps.

As to the 'Save Location' and 'Add' buttons, this is a UI design issue. It's easy to improve. What terms do u guys like most?


The slash '\' has been stripped.
AdaMacey 15 years ago
.CK 15 years ago

Thanks. I've added it to Yuan.CC Maps.
But its name is too long. I use 'Australian Postcode' instead.
li0ns_leader Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 11 years ago
Hi guys, I'm having trouble getting this to work if anyone could help out i'd appreciate it. In short, when i click on "Add GeoTags" nothing happens no input box is displayed. now for the detailed description of how i followed the directions. i followed this guide step by step without a hitch.

i hadn't gotten around to installing firefox on this machine so i did that, installed greasemonkey, intalled the two user scripts. got to my flickr image while i was signed in, clicked the Add GeoTags button but nothing happens, no input box is displayed.

i see it says i need to enable 3rd party cookies to be accepted, couldn't find this anywhere. are they enabled by default? i found the cookie settings area, just nothing about a 3rd party cookie.

i also saw on this site that google maps has been updated and requires GMIF v4. i assume thats the download at the top of this page. i installed that as well. should i uninstall the other scripts and just use that one? im going to try that next.... can't seem to figure out the problem even though everything seems to be explained quite clearly.

thanks in advance :)
.CK 15 years ago

GMiF and steeev's two scripts are different geotagging tools. No need to uninstall anyone.

For GMiF, a step-by-step description is here. If everything goes well, you will see a 'GMap' button above your photo. That's the first step.
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
@li0ns_leader all my geotagging scripts no longer work, due to a problem with my web server. you should just uninstall them and use an alternative method for geotagging, such as CK's GMIF.
mygz koren 15 years ago
flickr photos as viewed through display a date (within the bubble map overlay) that is exactly one month off. otherwise a great tool!
.CK 15 years ago
@mygz koren

Thanks. I've fixed the one-month-off bug.
snoobar 13 years ago
not workin... I installed the latest version and no map is coming up at an zoom level. only if the satellite function is enabled and zoomed out
Darius Kay 13 years ago
works fine, but does the link have to be positioned above the image? This shifts the image down a bit, and causes any image notes to be unaligned?
OSAIDism 11 years ago
HI i m new in GeoTaging
i am in Pakistan can i use it? I gave installed GMiF but the Gmap sign above my picture is not working.

Can i use this geotaging or not..
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