red air [deleted] 8:41am, 15 June 2006
Very good news boys & girls!

One year ago I had a chat with some folks at google. I´ve had the idea to connect picasa with a localhost-link to google earth to show all of your geotagged photos. You can do this with a localhost-connection to google earth (picasa is acting like a little webserver). I´ve showed them how to do it with a solution I´ve programmed quick and dirty. But it worked.

They´ve sent my idea to the google-labs USA and now this feature is integrated into the new version of picasa (beta)!!!

You can see all of your photos live in google earth. Just choose "view in google earth..." under "Tools" in picasa and enjoy!

But they did even more. You can now geotag your photos with picasa with an good interface directly in google earth or export all Thumbnails and coordinates to an KML-file. That rocks!

Just try it for yourself. You will need the new "picasa beta" with web-album-support.


aemkei 15 years ago
Man, that's kewl! It even saves the angle you are looking at planet Earth! Latitude and longitude are stored as EXIF data, so we may get it somehow into our Flickr page!?
red horn [deleted] 15 years ago
Sorry, I don't get the point...
Picasa is a photo organizer, right?
It organizes pics on your disk, right?
But... all of my geotags are on the uploaded version in Flickr, not in my Exif data on my PC disk, right?
So, this works only for pics taken with GPS-equipped cameras, right?
I don't see any other possibility, but I might be wrong...

elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
Bumbling in not knowing what I'm on about here I'm sure, but that's one thing I want to fix on my pics - best to have all the tags on my pics on my computer, and then have flickr read any tags in the exif data isn't it? I've spent too long tagging my pics here and am slightly paranoid about giving all this data to THE MAN.
elegant wire [deleted] 15 years ago
@flokstone: yes, i do 99% tagging locally (just tag the raw file and every iteration keeps the tags), so picasa+ge could make geotagging easy.

i'm worried about the picasa system tagging it only virtually and apply the tag if exported from picasa ... i want to tag my raw files in picasa with geotags only and make all postproduction elsewhere (not in picasa).

anyone tried that?
aemkei 15 years ago
@netomer: If you use Google Earth to geotag you photos via Picasa, the position information will also be assigned to the raw file. It is not just virtually!
elegant wire [deleted] 15 years ago
thanks!, last time i tried to tag something in picasa all changes didn't affected the original file at all, but the exported one only.
ChicagoSage 15 years ago
Geo8 -- your correct that this method won't help you geotag photos already uploaded to Flickr.

For photos you haven't uploaded yet, it will let you add geocoding to the photo before uploading it to Flickr.
ChicagoSage 15 years ago
Does anyone know if Google will add a KML file to the Picasa Web Album for geocoded photos stored there?
red air [deleted] 15 years ago
Coordinates should always be saved in the EXIF-Tag! Flickr is not the only platform where I need this information. That´s what the EXIF-Tag was made for.

I always save the coords to the EXIF an then I geotag the photo with yuan. Works perfect! GMIF recognizes the EXIF-Information and use it to geotag the photo.
yourmap 15 years ago
Hey Rob,

How do you get the Picasa Beta?


red air [deleted] 15 years ago
You must put yourself on a invitation-list. And hopefully you will receive a Link to the beta. You need a google-account to do that.
elegant wire [deleted] 15 years ago
@yourmap: if you need an invite to gmail>google-account, let me know (and everyone else too).
closed carriage [deleted] 15 years ago
I can't find where to ask for a beta invite (it's not in Labs as far as I can see)
elegant wire [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by elegant wire (member) 15 years ago
gumtau 15 years ago
My mozilla always goes to the GErman sites and picase 2 is installes but but doesn´t give the feature under tools.
Any suggestions?
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
@gumtau - maybe the trial is not available on the German version of Picasa yet, it's very very new. I've had a quick go of the new version of Picasa, tagged up some pics and uploaded them to Flickr and my tag info doesn't appear to have been transferred. Most likely I've done something wrong though, I didn't geotag them yet, but tried the regular tagging within Picasa. I'd hope that would save the tags in the image file itself, is that likely?
aemkei 15 years ago
@fs gerald: Picasa saves position data as EXIF data in the raw photo file. Unfortunately these data won't show up as Flickr geo tags. But you can easily fix this with this simple bookmarklet. Just click it once and your photo gets all the tag assigned to.
mjkboston 15 years ago
Any idea why Flickr is not picking up the x,y information from files geocoded by Picasa/Google Earth. The info is there when I look at the file either in Picasa properties or Exifier.

It is either a bug in how Picasa is writing/storing the info or in how Flickr is reading it when you upload. It would be great it this could work since Picasa is a great local photo organizr.
mjkboston 15 years ago
Aha, answer to self - Flickr does not have the idea of "geotag" - it is just x or y as a tag. Any idea if there are any plans at Flickr to add explicit support for geotags. Seems like this would make data interchange between applications easier.
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
mjkboston wrote:
Any idea if there are any plans at Flickr to add explicit support for geotags
see here for a clue ;-)
(btw dan catt now works at flickr/yahoo and was the creator of the geobloggers website)
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
My mistake, I tagged some more pics in picasa and all the tags transferred just fine, this is great. Shame I have 2000 pics already in flickr that I'm not sure I can be bothered to convert, might have to write something... One other thing about Picasa, it doesn't seem to support tags with spaces in like Flickr does, so even "covent garden" (with quotes) appears as two tags, covent, and garden.
elegant wire [deleted] 15 years ago
got my invite today and ... it's a big disappointment ... why? because it's picasa.

that's what i want:
- upload raw files on my computer
- geotag them in picasa+GE
- do further tagging + post processing in whatever app

i like to tag (add exif data) my raw files, because every iteration (mostly jpg) keeps the data (web-/ flickr-/ email-version and so on). that's great, doing this type of work only once.

there comes picasa in the game. picasa shows my raw files and i can geotag them, but the data is applied only within picasa. the raw file itself never gets modified. i can export/ save as the raw file, but only as jpg (which is not acceptable for me) and even then the geotag info is lost ... even picasa doesn't know i geotagged the original raw file when it shows me the exported/saved jpg version. (in contrast: an originally geotagged jpg file then exported/saved keeps the geo info)

i knew picasa works this way with its internal DB, but boy this is annoying.
i do tagging 99% locally and picasa+GE would be a good desktop version of all the great webbased geo tools out there. right now, it isn't. sadly, because i like picasa, not for editing or organising, but if a file has gone through tagging and post processing i collect them in folders watched by picasa. there i can search within all the tags (exif data) i applied elsewhere.

that said i have to add: everyone, that uses picasa only and doesn't shoot raw might have some benefit.
Joe_B 15 years ago
Sorry to hear Picasa doesn't have an option to rewrite your files on upload, but i have to admit that may be a blessing for safety and performance.

I have a similar database in MS Access that stores the lat/lon info and address info - I add the EXIF data during Flickr upload (a copy). I'm wary about updating original without a backup.

An alternative might be a database or using NTFS Multiple File Streams to contain the supplemental LAT/LON data.

Large files could be updated in no time.
Original file untouched.
All streams copy with the file.

Wont copy to removable non-ntfs disks
Not compabitle with 95/98/me, FAT32 etc..

Windows XP uses this for the Author / title / Subject info.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago

there comes picasa in the game. picasa shows my raw files and i can geotag them, but the data is applied only within picasa. the raw file itself never gets modified. i can export/ save as the raw file, but only as jpg (which is not acceptable for me) and even then the geotag info is lost ...

I am not sure if I got what exactly you are talking about, but for me, geotagging works fine with Picasa and Google Earth. The geo EXIF information is stored in the original file AND those manipulated photos I export to a custom folder. Flickr does not convert the EXIF data on upload, but you can use tools like the one I mentioned above to process them.
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
Does RAW format support EXIF data tags then? Not all image formats do
aemkei 15 years ago
Okay, now I got it: It seems that Picasa will modify the EXIF meta data only in JPEGs and not camera specific RAW files. Most camera formats include EXIF information besides other meta formats but are not touched when using Picasa and Google Earth.
imageo Posted 15 years ago. Edited by imageo (member) 15 years ago
I got a pleasant surprise when I downloaded the new picasa (primarily to test out the web album feature) and found the geotagging with google earth tool under options. It is pretty neat for google earth users BUT this picasa geotagging is not so usefull for flickr geotagging

1) it only lets you capture the corrdinates in degrees minutes second format, althogh as noted above it does store this in the my EXIF header of my jpeg photo (which I personally think is a great)
Flickr just reads these coordinates, it doesn't interpret them. The convention for geotagging by grouops like this is to use decimal notation.

2) The interface does also create a placemarker in google earth (and you can easily convert the coordinated to decimal there by editing the place marker but it is a lot of work. and there are plenty of other tools that do the job more easily)

The one obvious thing, and I found it a big surpise giving google is behind it, is the management of geotagged photos. There is no simple flag (or some other way to mark and find geotagged photos in picasa) and the picasa placemarkers just deafult to the date taken which quickly makes Places Navigation panel, very cluttered.

So overlooking that the options not being very useful yet, In my opinion they are at least good to see.

[LATE Correction] after closing picasa and opeing it again i see it is now marking my geotagged photos with a cross in the bottom right corner in the bthumbnail view
Joe_B 15 years ago
I just got my invite to try it. It does indeed rewrite the GPS exif ok. And shows the cross hair as Imageo indicated, even on photos previously geotagged in EXIF only.

What is very interesting, geotag a photo in Picasa with google earth, will suddenly show all the previous Photos in that area you have already tagged. so picassa must be providing that data to google earth on the photos it already scanned.

However since i have a ton of geotagged photos, if there were many in that area, it tends to slow down , even crashed and shut down as it tries to populate its "picasa link" set in google earth.
yourmap Posted 15 years ago. Edited by yourmap (member) 15 years ago
See Geocoded Picasa Photos on a Google Map or Google Earth.

Use the following links to map your and others Geocoded Picasa Web

Google Maps:

Google Earth:

Substitute user/name with the Picasa Web Album user and album names.

Andy Mabbett 15 years ago
Speaking of EXIF tags, does anyone know of a freeware Windows app (GUI, not command line) which will aid the Geo-tagging of images, preferably in batches?
yourmap Posted 15 years ago. Edited by yourmap (member) 15 years ago


You can drag/drop folder or multiple JPGs on a map to add EXIF GPS (Geocoding).
Pauho 15 years ago
Hmm, do photos which have been geotagged via picasa and google earth show up on the flickr map?
Rev Dan Catt 15 years ago
Pauho: Yes if you allow Flickr to use location info from your exif data, turn it on here...
guarded minute [deleted] 15 years ago
Now everyone is catching up with each other (picasa, Flickr and hopefully soon the Yahoo map quality outside the US) I am trying a new workflow.

Geotagging and Flickr Workflow

Just tried this with turned on and Flickr picked out the exif GPS information straight away.

I do have to untick the "picasa link" in Google Earth as soon as it loads otherwise it crashes when I zoom in around home as there are to many pictures for it to load.
Pauho 15 years ago
Cheers Rev, much obliged.
r12a Posted 15 years ago. Edited by r12a (member) 15 years ago
odolphie, you seem to be tagging RAW files in Picassa. I didn't know that was possible. What type of RAW files do you have (I have .cr2 and .dng).
r12a 15 years ago
odolphie, how do you star and add keywords in picasa? Do you mean adobe bridge?
Louis Rossouw 15 years ago
to add keywords in picassa select a photo or more than one and press ctrl k. this is stored in the file and flickr reads it when you upload as saves it as tags.

you can star pictures with the star button. not sure how to do 4 or 5 stars etc.
guarded minute [deleted] 15 years ago
.NEF files come out of my Nikon D50. The keywords get applied in the EXIF data as well rather than any programs own database type file.

Picasa could really do with a way to rate 4 or 5 stars etc. might edit that workflow. by '5 star photos' i mean that from my own personal rating rather than something picasa uses, sorry for the confusion.

I did use Microsoft Digital Image Library which allowed you to rate out of 5 and got into the habit of thinking like that.
r12a 15 years ago
Louis, thanks. Strange that I coudn't find a menu command for that. I managed my keywords usually in Adobe Bridge, and the Picassa way of doing things doesn't mesh well with that, unfortunately. Plus I didn't see how to have multi-word keywords - "..." didn't seem to work.

odolphie, thanks also. I agree that it is best to be able to add ratings on a scale. Again, Adobe Bridge allows me to do that (and add coloured labels too).

So after a brief flutter of excitement, I think I'll just continue as I was for those things, just using Picassa for geotagging with Google Earth. Oh well. One day all these things will work together...
Michaeeel 15 years ago
Just a short input by me... Can I go to the page "geo import through exif data" which is mentioned above by Rev Dan Catt through my account settings? I could nowhere find this link...
Craig Stanton 15 years ago
Google Earth geotagging for OS X

hey folks, I just released Geotagger. It's an applescript droplet that takes the position that Google Earth (v4 only) is looking at and inserts it into any jpegs you drop on it. Kinda like Picasa does, but it works on a Mac :-)
Rev Dan Catt 15 years ago
Michaeeel: Nope you can't get to the "import exif data" from a link in your account settings page, because it's a super secret option just for hardcore geotaggers :)

Or really there's a few things around the site to do with maps that aren't "official" because they're kinda part of the next round of geo stuff, and so aren't explicitly linked.

We knew that importing EXIF was something that the more tech savvy folks here in the geotagging group would want, so I posted here to let people know.

The Intrepid Antipodean: Cool, just read about this and I'll be trying it in a while.
avinashbhat 15 years ago
Thank you very much for the tip on geotagging. I geotagged one of my test photos in Picassa, using Google Earth 4, and uploaded to Flickr using Flickr Uploadr. Flickr recognized the EXIF latitude and longitude and showed me where the photo was taken.

I have been having other problems with geotagging with Picassa and Google Earth, however. I have noticed that some of my IPTC data is lost when I geotag with Picassa and Google Earth. I will have to do some more investigation on some test photos and post my findings.
rakerman 15 years ago
I did a whole report on EXIF and IPTC with Flickr Uploadr. The summary is: don't let Uploadr resize for you.

I also wrote a little bit about geotagging with Picasa and Google Earth
cafu1007 10 years ago
Hi everybody this is a old topic but, i would like to know how Ololphie got to find the address for I am a newby in flickr as well as picasa and the hole photography as well. thanks
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