Rich B-S 11:18pm, 5 March 2007
Hi Guys,

I'm new to this group and am testing the water here a little bit.

I am writing a web application that allows me to upload GPX files (these come from my Garmin GPS device). My tool then goes and finds any pictures on flickr that were created by me within the time frame of that GPX track.

Subsequently, it calculates a lat/lon co-ordinate for the location of the picture.

This is working quite nicely for me (as long as my GPS and Camera clocks are in sync!).

This is as far as I have got. The next step is for me to push the calculated lat/lons back into flickr, attached to the relevant images, which looks eminently possible.

Once I've got it working for me, I want to get authentication working so other flickr/outdoor geeks like me can give it a rumble with their own flickr accounts.

Am I in the right place here to search for volunteers when the time comes?

Thanks for your help...
elegant wire [deleted] 14 years ago
this tool does exactly what you're working on (and it's excellent)
.CK 14 years ago
@Rich B-S

I've the same idea as yours several months ago. can do batch geotagging by matching your uploaded GPX files.

and some screenshots here.

Opinions are welcome.
Rich B-S 14 years ago
Thanks guys! These look great! I don't want to reinvent the wheel so I'll take a good look before I add any more to my own code.
cshontz 14 years ago
I made something like this too ... although it needs refined, and I also want to push the coordinate data back to flickr.


antonpiatek 11 years ago
I want something slightly different.
I already use gpxphoto [] to set the coordinates in my photos before uploading and they show up on the maps in flickr fine.

What I want to do now is combine something like everytrail, [] which stores the route (track) I walked and shows graphs about it etc, with the photos from flickr so that on one map I can see the route I walked AND where I took photos.

Has anyone started on anything like this?
Wolfhowl Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Wolfhowl (member) 10 years ago
The gpstagr seems to be dead now... :(
There's another one, however. that seems to work in a more or less similar way:
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