wege7 6:24pm, 26 January 2009
Hi all,
in the past I used Geosetter for tagging my photos, until I found the gps plugin from Jeffrey Friedl. It basically syncronizes the photos with the gps tracks (gpx) downloaded from the garmin device. It works great even on raw images. There are also other useful plugins on Jeffreys website.
Martin B Nagy 12 years ago
Thanks for the tip. Will look into that...
RawComposition 10 years ago
I'm using this plugin too, but for some reason after geotagging my photos and uploading to flickr, flickr still doesn't use the geo location data. Even after allowing it in the flickr account settings. Any idea what's going crazy?
Ken Zirkel Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ken Zirkel (member) 10 years ago
@RawComposition: In Lightroom, under File/Export, there's a setting "GPS "shadow GPS injector". You must enable that. If you don't enable that, the JPG will be exported without GPS data. Documented here.
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