Xiening Dai 1:30pm, 9 February 2009
I've geotagged the photos before uploading to flickr. But I still have to choose "Add to your map" for every photo in order to make them appear on the map.

Is there any way to automatically add photos onto the map during uploading? Or can I add a bunch of photos to the map based on the GPS info they have?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. 12 years ago
Under your account settings go to the privacy and permisions tab then enable "Import EXIF location data.
Xiening Dai 12 years ago
it works nicely. Thanks a lot!
silvermeat 12 years ago
how about if i add the geo:lat and geo:lon tags to some existing photos (using, for example, the geocoding bookmarklet) -- even though the photo then has lat/lon, it will not be on "my map," and will still need to be added manually...

any solution to this?
(other than pasting the tags for each pic into the "add to map" pop)
CancerCrab 12 years ago
I may be totally out of the park ... I love Flicker because of OTHER people's photographs ... I have uploaded a few just for my own space BUT what I want to do is show people who are not part of Flicker the links to the beautiful photographs I have picked as my favorites. Now I want to highlight on the map some of the pics of the surfing spots that photographers here have taken. Is it out of my rights to try and geotag ANOTHER person's photo? And if not how can I do this. I tried downloading the bookmarket v5 and it may work but I keep on picking another person's photo ... for it to tag on the map. I think it did but now the map has disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.
CancerCrab 12 years ago
In addition I totally understand if this seems to be infringing upon a photographer's rights. Truly I was not trying to get away with anything but instead to show others what is at Flicker. Any reprimand I understand. I have never once even made a set that did not identify the Flicker photographer. And it is not as people can not come here and look without being members. I just thought I could work with a map. Anyway sorry for the long question .. I love Flicker.
mollydot 12 years ago
gory31270 7 years ago
Hey, any news on this topic?

My photos are from iphone so they are geotagged and exif is imported.
BUT I have to manually "add to the map" a photo for it to display on the map perfectly.

So, Is there a way to automatically "add to the map" all my geotagged photos?
Viejito Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Viejito (member) 7 years ago
Is there a way

Make sure that all these settings are correctly set before you upload the pictures, as public.
gory31270 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gory31270 (member) 7 years ago
Can you be more specific? My photos are already uploaded (with exif and gps data) but private.
Viejito 7 years ago
If the settings to which my previous response gave a link tell Flickr to ignore the geodata at upload, changing the setting afterwards will not do any good.

I cannot see your settings, of course... Heck, I cannot even see your pictures, sets, favorites,... so how specific do you expect me to be?...
Buckeye. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Buckeye. (moderator) 7 years ago
Viejito: This specific...

gory31270: Set this
to 'Anyone',
and tick this one
These affect only SUBSEQUENT uploads.
gory31270 7 years ago
It's already set like that, but I don't want to reupload 3000 photos... I'm looking for a way to do it afterwards, massively :(
spelio 2 years ago
Try Organizer!!
Buckeye. 2 years ago
spelio - Does it?
spelio 2 years ago

Thought it may work instead of a reload of 3000 images, above!

I dont have this problem..

But I need to drag new images to the flickr map that already has one geocoded image, and I want to add more to the map by drag and drop!
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