jarhtmd 12:52am, 29 August 2011
I had 2 images taken 6 minutes & a several yards apart on the same beach. One image had been geotagged. The other had not. I copied both to a work folder. Using GeoSetter & the tagged image, I "set position marker from focused image". Then I filtered to show "images without coordinates" & "assign(ed) position marker to selected image".

The originally tagged image had geo:lat=20.95328407; geo:lon=107.04589963
The newly tagged image had geo:lat=20.95328333; geo:lon=107.04590000

Notice the small differences . . . lat .00000074 . . . lon .00000037

I have no idea how much distance that represents & it isn't really important to me, but I'm curious about why there is any difference at all. The lon suggest rounding, but not the lat.
IrenicRhonda 10 years ago
I've no idea why the difference

Sounds more like a question best asked of GeoSetter
jarhtmd Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jarhtmd (member) 10 years ago
I e-mailed & posted on, but no response yet. It's only a curiosity, not a major concern.
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