heartbreaking cats [deleted] 8:42pm, 14 November 2011
Im confused. All the photos I have uploaded to flickr from 4 different cameras have all been assigned a location where the picture was taken (i.e Montacute, England). This info is displayed at the top right of the page. How does flickr know where the photo was taken if the camera used does not geotag the picture? My current camera is a Canon 60D which I beleive does not geotag. The cameras I have used are:

Nikon D5000
Fuji F300
canon G12
Canon 60D

Thanks in anticipation

Buckeye. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Buckeye. (moderator) 10 years ago
I assume you mean 'e.g. Montacute, England' - because they're certainly not all geotagged as being taken there. Anyway, I'm confused too - unless you have a geotagging-fairy in your house. And, if you have, do let me borrow him/her/it once in a while.
I can think of someone else who must be very envious too... ;-)
jarhtmd 10 years ago
You are right! I would love to borrow the geotagging-fairy. Maybe I should also buy 4 new cameras.
heartbreaking cats [deleted] 10 years ago
Well I always name each file with the name of the place the pic was taken and Flickr seems to correctly match that info. A fairy it must be then!
Buckeye. 10 years ago
Amazing. Must try it.
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