schnapper_j 8:18pm, 26 December 2011
I just purchesed a Nikon GP-1 GPS unit. My EXIF info, on Flicker says GPS sattelites 07. Can some one please tell me, what that means? Thank you.
JackSilver 9 years ago
Looking at a couple of your shots, I see different numbers listed for this value. I'm guessing that this represents the number of satellites used to generate the position fix for that image.
Buckeye. 9 years ago
...i.e. it's not useful.
Mel Stephens 9 years ago
It's useful in that it gives you a reasonable idea of how accurate the reading might be, but other than that, no, not particularly useful.
9MacGyver9 9 years ago
"GPS Satellites used for Measurement"

Here's a Flickr EXIF that shows the entry (near bottom of listing)
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