clyangtw 11:22pm, 4 September 2016
I'm looking for a website that allows me to geotag my flick photos in bulk (preferably with google maps mashup). I used to use a brilliant site called "geophotoshow" but it was down for months. Also tried but can't login with flickr account. Hence, can someone please provide some alternative websites? Thank you.
Buckeye. 5 years ago
Why do you need to do it via a website? Use (free) software instead, e.g.
laufer 5 years ago
@Buckeye. I believe that works only on Windows and only on photos stored locally.

@clyangtw Could you elaborate a bit on your requirements?

If you are looking for a website that geotags photos already on Flickr based on a GPX track, then you can use It has various bugs and limitations, though.

I recently wrote a Python script to replace my use of Geosyncr. The script handles multiple GPX tracks at once and geotags only pictures that fall within the time bounds of a track. This enabled me to geotag thousands of pictures already on Flickr. In case this meets your needs and you are comfortable running a Python script on your computer, you can find it here:
clyangtw 4 years ago

Your script looks great! However, I don't have a GPS tracker. I usually use web-based tool to geotag all my photos. The site I used to use provided a simple web ui, which allows me to geotags flicker photos via Google maps.

It is an open-sourced website but it's highly tight with Google Cloud Platform. Unfortunately I don't have time to modify it into other Python web framework such as Flask. That's why I'm here to ask for an alternative site.

HikingMike 4 years ago
This may be indirectly related, but I wanted to caution about geotagging online only. I was a Panoramio user, which was a fantastic geotagged photo sharing website for photo, geo, Google Earth enthusiasts. I tagged my older photos using the tool within the site after uploading. Now Google has almost entirely shut down Panoramio (left it running just enough to see photos and for those to appears on Google Earth still).

I hadn't geotagged my own photo files. Google allowed you to download the files you had on Panoramio, but those didn't have geotags in the EXIF data either - it was saved in a database table instead.

As a result of the Panoramio shutdown, I effectively lost my work when geotagging those photos. I have since been able to geotag (again) the same photos using the spots I found before but it was a manual process and took some time.

This time the lat/long is in the file's EXIF data! Now the location info will always be there since I have it in the files on my computer. I can upload to Flickr, or anywhere that recognizes that, and the geo data is there.
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