arseni.mourzenko 2:13pm, 12 October 2016
I know that in order to display GPS info on Flickr, one has to turn Import EXIF location data option on in the profile settings. I already did that a long time ago, but Flickr still refuses to show any GPS-related information for the newly uploaded photos.

For instance, this photo shows no GPS-related EXIF when clicking on Show EXIF, and it shows me the Add this photo to your map link. However, when I download the photo from Flickr itself, the EXIF contains both the latitude and the longitude.

What should I do to make Flickr stop ignoring GPS coordinates of my photos, both newly added and the ones which are already imported?
Buckeye. 5 years ago
arseni.mourzenko 5 years ago
Thanks, Buckeye.

However, none of the three links from the thread you linked to are actually helpful.

- The first link points to the exactly same discussion that the first link in my question.

- The second link is about photos privacy. In my profile, the option is already set to Anyone (and probably was set to it originally by default).

- The third link is about the automatic geotagging option. As already I explained in my question, this option is already enabled in my profile.
arseni.mourzenko 5 years ago
I also noticed right now a discussion about a third-party API which helps Flickr to get the geotagging right. If I understand well, the author of the API claims that Flickr uses a “custom non-standard system” instead of the standard EXIF.

However, by following the geo-import link, my profile page indicates that “It doesn't look like you've [used other sites and tools to geotag your photos], so this page isn't any use to you.”

I should nevertheless note that geotagging of the photos was done in Adobe Lightroom 5. Not sure if Flickr understands this sort of EXIF data. Google Photos app does understand without any problem.
Viejito 5 years ago
When I compare the GPS data of your picture with one of mine, which Flickr does recognize, I notice that IrfanView shows yours as having GPSVersionID, mine and the Latitude and longitude are expressed as degree minute second.decimal (degree.decimal), whereas mine (as recorded by the camera) are degree minute.decimal (degree.decimal), and the camera also gave mine GPSTimeStamp and GPSDateStamp. I see no other differences.
arseni.mourzenko 5 years ago
I tried another operation. In Batch Organize, I selected all the photos, and in Location, clicked on Change geoprivacy and selected Anyone.

A few minutes ago, I received the following message:

Changed permissions on 80 items.

(837 items do not appear on the map.)

I can also do Add items to the map, but then, it just shows the map (with 80 photos on it) and suggests that I drag and drop every one of the remaining 837 photos precisely on the map.

So... Flickr understands my EXIF GPS data, but... hm... keeps it private because it decided not to put the 837 photos on a map. It doesn't make too much sense to me.
Buckeye. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Buckeye. (moderator) 5 years ago
arseni.mourzenko - I just downloaded the original-size version of your sample problem photo, uploaded it to my photostream using the cloud/upload icon on my photostream page (while changing/setting nothing other than setting it to private), and it immediately appeared on the map and had geodata visible in the EXIF.
Are you sure your account settings have the two settings set that I flagged up on my link and that you have tried uploading images after you've set these?
arseni.mourzenko 5 years ago
It seems like it works now. For the newly added photos, Flickr shows geotagging info.

It's still unclear why it works now and wouldn't work a few weeks ago while Import EXIF location data option was already enabled, nor what should I do now with the old 837 photos.

In all cases, the original problem is now solved. Thank you, Buckeye and Viejito, for your participation.
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