Jeremy Moyle 2:38am, 22 July 2018

I am a heritage professional trying to create a database of historic abandoned buildings based on the Flickr account of a photographer who has taken hundreds of images of these structures.

With this I would like to create a GIS map of the locations of the photographed buildings.

Most of the images on Flickr are geotagged, but when downloaded they do not have any location info in their EXIF data, so it seems that the geotagging was done in Flickr itself.

I understand that I can pull the latitude and longitude info from my browser’s URL bar when looking at the geotagged map on Flickr, but I am working with hundreds of houses so going though them one by one isn’t the best option.

How do I download the image’s geotag metadata from Flickr in bulk?

Is there a way of doing this though the website itself?

Is there an app for Mac that will do this?

Is this even possible?

I have looked though a couple of threads here that appeared relevant (,, but the discussions in both never seemed to be totally resolved.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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