DELAVILLE 4:34pm, 19 May 2020
Could one of the administrators remove the 30/60 groups limit in this group ?
That ridiculous rule avoids our groups from growing.
Thank you very much.
Buckeye. Posted 11 months ago. Edited by Buckeye. (moderator) 11 months ago
No. I absolutely will not be a part of such a change, and I hope most sincerely that no other Mod or Admin will be either. That restriction forms a small but important bulwark against Flickr being (even more) overridden by the habit of unselective mass-group-posting and the mindless obsession with vacuous 'awards' which ruin the experience of browsing photos and comments. If the sort of person that this group is 'losing' is the sort who posts every photo to 50+ groups and fixates on 'awards', then... good.
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