tjgrewal505 6:48pm, 26 August 2008
I have personally noticed that a large amount of people on Flickr are fans of motion sequence photography. Here at the Glocal Project pool we are huge fans of sequence photography!

A lot of people use Camera's and cellphones programmed to take multi-sequence shots, while others use Photoshop. We would like to bring those two worlds together and have a huge harmonic group and thread about this awesome and still somewhat un-noticed kind of photography.

As part of the Glocal Project, we are developing a useful application specifically for motion sequence enthusiasts. It will be available to download for free and experiment with very shortly (maybe tomorrow?)

Please use this thread to post your motion sequences - or sequences from other Glocalites that you particularly like. I'll get you started with some of my favourites:

(If you don't know how to post images, read this:

Laj, nollie back heel

24 scatti 24 minuti

NY Taxi cab

random sequence6_50_23_
This one was using a flip-book!
Bill A 13 years ago
Seagull Being Fed By a Sailor
Bill A Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Bill A (member) 13 years ago
Bored Assembly Line Worker Loading Bottles into Plastic Container (With Animation)
This is an animated GIF image
SoCalRacePics Posted 13 years ago. Edited by SoCalRacePics (member) 13 years ago
Josh Grant

Langston Turn Sequence
tjgrewal505 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by tjgrewal505 (admin) 13 years ago
Bill A, that is a really nice bunch of pics turned to gif, Gifs are always cool , and SoCalRacePics, love the second shot! nicely photoshopped! Lets keep em coming!

If you guys find other people doing this as well, lets try to get their best photos! I think we should all try to improve the popularity of Sequences! More people should be exposed to this thread and the group and these kinds of pics! It's a win-win situation for everyone because the more the people look at this thread, the more everyone gets noticed!

Stay tuned for the Glocal Motion Sequence Application folks, i can guarantee about 99% of you will love it!
blprnt_van 13 years ago
What about that other 1%?
tjgrewal505 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by tjgrewal505 (admin) 13 years ago
Haha, That 1% of the world is unappeasable no matter what the instance is or was or will be; but hey! I "Guaranteed" that 99% of people will love it, I didn't say that other 1% didn't love it either, It is just a plausibility. And since there is only two possibilities, either they love it or don't the percentage is 0.5 % we are in doubt about.

So technically it becomes 99.5% that will love it and since i remember my math correctly, anything from 5-9 can be rounded off to the next digit.... OMG! 100% :O Insane realization Jer!!! Those 0.5% of people are too intangible of an asset in order for us to be worrying too much over it.

Glocal - Love it or LOVE it, a 100% ;)
Ericalokichicken 13 years ago
lol TJ, you are a goof.
Joserra Irusta 13 years ago
607 (Tempestad, secuencia de una ola)
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Why thank you Erica! :) lol

Joserra- great composition and tones in this sequence. nicely done.
iandavid 13 years ago
Prague Trams

Prague Trams
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Nice additions Ian, The first picture is better as i already mentioned on the comments. :)
ANTONIO_DM 13 years ago
Polly Bird Balitro 13 years ago
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Thanks Antonio for adding that here as well! :) As I have already mentioned, Awesome Jump, The first pose is just sweet where you are posing like spider man! lol

Polly - Love the photosheet! It's traditional, Classic and has that motion sequence feeling still in it! Nice in Black and White :)
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
I must admit that we are actually getting the top motion sequence images on the site! Lets keep it rolling folks! I've been searching the site for good motion sequences and I think there are still some good motion sequences out there. So far these ones are Really Good! Great Contributions Guys! :)

Im thinking at this rate we might need to have a photo challenge! :P
Polly Bird Balitro 13 years ago
thanks for the compliments :)
it's the best moment in the darkroom when i get to do the contactsheet :)
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
oh man! the darkroom! Gosh i think i smell vinegar! lol :)
Haha, It would be a sweet experience seeing all the pics and picking the faves you want to develop!
Istvan Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Istvan (member) 13 years ago
This might not be the typical thing, but it is also based on movement/motion, and was prepared especially for this thread.

Driving Mosaic

Read the opening lines of the individual set for more information.
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Sweet addition Istvan! It fits in really nicely with the whole thread here! Really nice contrast in the pictures!

iako! the picture seems to have been deleted for some reason :(
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
HEY! Just a reminder to all folks here, If you guys want these pictures to be a part of Glocal Project would you all Please tag them with "glocalproject". Thanks for the input and these sweet pictures :)
blprnt_van 13 years ago
Yes - excellent images in this thread so far. Keep it up!
chris vs world Posted 13 years ago. Edited by chris vs world (member) 13 years ago
this is my effort ..
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Haha! now you just need to do a front flip and make a sequence of that as well! :) lol. Nice photoshopping.
elfin calculator [deleted] 13 years ago
interessante stato confusionale
interessante stato confusionale
interessante stato confusionale
interessante stato confusionale
Carnival sequence

tjgrewal505 13 years ago
iako! and helen.2006, Nice sequences both of you!
I see some really cool similarities in those 2 shots and some differences.
First off both shots I see human behavior and expression, and I also see both your sequences have 4 shots each! The difference is one is in color , the other is not, one is fully vertically aligned while the other is a grid!
Really nice shots both of you! Looks like there is a Sequence going on even in the uploads, even though it was totally unplanned! haha nice!
Great photos! :)
valgraphies 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite. :)

elfin calculator [deleted] 13 years ago
THANKS tjgrewal505!!!!
blprnt_van 13 years ago
Great photos, everyone. This thread has really surprised me with the variety of motion-related images that people have uploaded. It could act as an excellent starting place for people to get a review of what kinds of techniques are possible.

I will pick out some of my favourites from the pool later today...
helen.2006 - In Memoriam Posted 13 years ago. Edited by helen.2006 - In Memoriam (member) 13 years ago
I wanted to post this video in this thread, because I think it has strange visual qualities of motion and stationariness (if there is such a word). You get a sense of rushing along, but the shadow stays stationary in the frame.

edit: now I know how to do it!

Warning: this video may make you seasick! by helen.2006 - In Memoriam
Mike-Lee 13 years ago
Cheers for inviting me...
Jumping leap or leaping jump!
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Valgraphies - Nice sepia effect and the frame in the middle is really affective!

helen.2006 - holy that looks like computer generated at first look! Nice work though! the vids great! Makes you seasick tho :| lol

mikejilljessicatomlee - Nice jumps! :) looking good in black and white! Cheers!
blprnt_van Posted 13 years ago. Edited by blprnt_van (admin) 13 years ago
I like the narrative in this one:

24 movimientos
blprnt_van 13 years ago
This is amazing! The scale is quite unexpected:

Falkirk Wheel (sequence)
tommasozago 13 years ago
Hi to everybody. Thanks to invite me

Una storia raccontata con i piedi
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
The Falkirk Wheel Surprised me a lot too! when i looked at the scale i was like holy that is massive!!

Thanks for adding the photo tom! :)
bweisner Posted 13 years ago. Edited by bweisner (member) 13 years ago
What Need Is There For News From All Around the World When All Matters of Life and Death Play Out Right Before Me

A Constant Companion
marzo ph. 13 years ago
Francesco boneless shov-it gap sequence @ sesto fiorentino
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
bweisner - sometimes lo-fi cameras can take better shots than 1000 dollar cameras. Nice photo!

marzoslash - thanks for adding the photo! :)

Getting great shots in this thread! if you guys notice any people with cool shots, please don't hesitate to ask them to post here. And if you like someone else's photo, please comment. Favors are always returned :)
bweisner 13 years ago
tjgrewal505 - Thank you for the kind words.
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Hmm...been a long time since I uploaded some of my faves from the pool to this thread...well here we go -

Great Jumps with cool Vignetting! Love the beach

Such a vintage shot! So surreal...powerful shot.
Parigi 1983

Great emotions involved in this photo. Nice faces! :)
Final Sequence

Just love the urban post industrialized feel in this shot, very compelling to me.
jesuscm 13 years ago
Greetings from Spain.
making  "a day in the life"
plucky wilderness [deleted] 13 years ago
motion in one exposure..

Olhar primeiro
glocalproject 13 years ago
Really cool, reminds me of Dwayne Michaels' work with Multiple Exposure.
earsplitting hydrant [deleted] 13 years ago
I usually only do sequence photos of skateboarding or snowboarding, but i do not have any for upload, so here is a crappy one, no photoshop or anything like that, just placed the prints side by side and scanned as is, but added a boarder.


it was kind of funny, i was to throw a glove, turn and face forwards as its over my head, then turn again and catch it. i tossed it, its a little out of frame over my head, and then i turned back the wrong way for some reason so i totally missed it ahaha which is why this sequence doesn't really make any sense at all...
blprnt_van Posted 13 years ago. Edited by blprnt_van (admin) 13 years ago
Adam - what I like about this image is that it is 'staged'. It probably ends up being more interesting than it would have been if it were 'real'. The slight errors in positioning in the middle frame end up being a little bit unsettling; your mind doesn't quite believe the sequence. Great work!
earsplitting hydrant [deleted] 13 years ago
haha wow, wasn't really expecting such a great comment on one of my worst sequences.. big ups blprnt_van, much respect! also, alot of great work here for sure! i like about every photo here :)
poxipics 13 years ago
my berliner corner like to see it suspended in time as very little movements may appear in universe

davydubbit 13 years ago
This is a set of mobile/cell phone panoramics combined to give a better overall visual/feel for a place.

Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
abstract pic poxipics!
thx for adding davydubbit!
Tried out the motion sequence software:

multiple exposure 2

Found it a bit clunky and would like more options of what to put into the capture. Interesting and good fun!
.scribe 13 years ago
Wow, some great photos in here. Been playing with a Coolpix700 recently, which has a "take 16 photos in 1" function so might play some more with that and see if I can get anything decent out.

In the meantime, these are a couple of my favourites from my ActionSampler:

Bodies in Flight I

6 and a bit
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Very nice additions Scribex! :) Nice motion and sequence in both of them!
Renato Buti 13 years ago
Sergio Leite - SP Contest
sergiohersaav 13 years ago
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Great surfing Renato!

Caboserch - lovely rainbow multishot! the evening tone is quite nice :)
blprnt_van 13 years ago
Scribex - I like the biking shot, a lot. Cutting off the head of the figure in the first frame makes it unsettling, somehow. Perfect!
precious arch [deleted] 13 years ago
i'm not sure if these are what you're looking for :/

day 9.
tjgrewal505 13 years ago
Those are Great! I like the one with the heart broken haha! Nice composition in both of them!
The hear, see, speak no evil is a classic and the heart shoe has a unique angle to the shot. Nicely done.
John McIl 13 years ago
Sorry for my lack of intelligence in this subject, but I have just shot a sequence today and would like to stitch them all into one photo like SoCalRacePics has done here: Is there a program which does it for you or do you have to manually cut out the part of the photos you want and add it them together as different layers?

a-md Posted 13 years ago. Edited by a-md (member) 13 years ago
This is my first post here so hello!

 by a-md

Excerpt Of Adventure by a-md

(ahhh it's so small!)

They are both older photos and both of my sister.

 by a-md
enricoX 12 years ago
lomostyle #1 - fastlane by enricoX
Jim Austin Jimages 10 years ago
Orb Spider Snares a Bee
Groups Beta