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Photo Challenge #7: Not Quite Right

Ends: Friday, November 14th, 2008

Brief: Using any photographic technique, create an image that is somehow 'not quite right'.

Instructions: Tag your photo with “glocalproject” and “photochallenge7″ and add it to our flickr pool. Need help? Email us.

With halowe'en fast approaching, we thought we'd take the opportunity to launch a slightly off-kilter photo challenge. This week, we'd like you to go out and shoot images that are unsettling - images that some one reason or another seem disquieting or not-quite-right.

Of course, we realize this request could lead us into some tricky territory, so let's remember to stick to the usual guidelines: no violence or depictions of violence, and no obviously offensive content.

There are any number of ways to achieve an unsettling effect with photography. Sometimes, the distressing effect can be the result of combining two unlikely things, such as in this photograph by Diane Arbus, depicting a young boy playing with a toy hand-grenade:

Diane Arbus, Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City (1962)

Another common approach is to make changes to familiar objects, forcing us to question what we normally take for granted. American artist Gordon Matta-Clark was famous for physically disrupting architecture. His 'building cuts' consist of a series of works in abandoned buildings in which he removed sections, or cut away parts to create systems which have lost their expected integrity. The results are, in the truest sense of the term, unsettled (please, don't try this at home!):

Gorgon Matta Clark, Splitting (1974)

Similarly, Chicago artist Jeanne Dunning's photographs of the human body ask us to question our ideals and phobias surrounding the human form:

Jeanne Dunning, The Blob 4 (1994)

Dunning's photographs start to tread into the territory of the surreal. Surrealist imagery can be confusing and startling, and often describes dreamlike fantasies. In Arthur Tress's staged surrealist photographs, children's dreams were carefully reconstructed - the results are eery:

Arthur Tress, Boys Flying Dream(L) and Flood Dream (R)

Perhaps the most famously disturbing images in photography come from Ralph Eugene Meatyard. His haunting images, often populated by masked figures, dead birds, and dolls, are deliberately ambiguous. Meatyard was a great reader of philosophy, and his photographs are intended to provoke questioning and contemplation.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Romance (N.) From Ambrose Bierce #3 from Portfolio 3, negative 1964/1974

As we have seen, there are many techniques and approaches that can be used to create unsettling imagery. We encourage you to experiment with these and other possibilities as you participate in our latest challenge. As always, we invite you to post in this thread, where you can exchange ideas and advice with other Glocal participants. Good luck!
Ericalokichicken 13 years ago

elsamuko 13 years ago
Skew House:
Technicolor 2 Skew House
chiefprogrammer 13 years ago
DSemeniuk 13 years ago
wemidji 13 years ago
Église Ste-Élisabeth
Simply Fred 13 years ago
There's something wrong about this frog...
elastic airplane [deleted] 13 years ago
New budgetary constraints.........
New budgetary constraints.......
maxxxxxxxxxx 13 years ago
mirrors and fevers
blprnt_van 13 years ago
Claude --> Hah! Great choice. Where was that taken??

Maxxxxxxxxxxxxx --> Perfect! Was that taken with a mirror, or digitally modified? It is certainly unsettling - I don't know if I'm looking up or down...
Nature's revenge?
reclaimed by nature
elastic airplane [deleted] 13 years ago
Eat what?
Eat what?
(: Tamara :) 13 years ago
my goodness, I really struggle with the challenge! Still looking for ideas - you guys are all amazing!
(: Tamara :) 13 years ago
Finally I got stuff to share - actually there is a couple photos. Here is the first one!
not sure about the title yet!
(: Tamara :) 13 years ago
and this one :)
butterfly fireworks
hope they fit the challenge!
earsplitting hydrant [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by earsplitting hydrant (member) 13 years ago

i like to think theres something not quite right with this photo.. lol so far iv seen nothin but good works!! holla, everyone!

blprnt_van - i just figured the comp wasn't quite right, considering you cant see the road... and just the fact that i wasn't even looking when i took it... i was driving, picked up my cam, shot a photo without lookin, set it back down, saw it when i got home and thought something was off, but still liked it so here it is... i actually wasn't sure if it would work for this... if it doesn't i'll remove it, just let me know :)
blprnt_van 13 years ago
tamaraanalex >> Great shots! The second one is very abstract - what are those x-shaped lights?

adam >> What is not quite right in this shot? Maybe I'm missing something??
Jen 170 13 years ago
Rare glimpse of the Wilbraham Phantom

I swear that child wasn't there when I pressed the shutter!
JudyGr 13 years ago
This wasn't constructed, or taken for this challenge, but it seems to fit the theme. (I will try and do one specially if I can).

the three-piece suit
(: Tamara :) Posted 13 years ago. Edited by (: Tamara :) (member) 13 years ago
Blprnt_Van - x-shaped lights were supposed to look like butterflies - I feel insulted now :) haha! Well, if you click on the photo you can see the link that explains how it's done. But originally it'a a fireworks that you set on the ground. I took a photo using my DIY lens baby with a BUTTERFLY :) hole in it and all the lights were butterfly shaped :) I had lots, but I like this one, it looks like a bunny chasing butterlies... I think :)
enricoX Posted 13 years ago. Edited by enricoX (member) 13 years ago
drosen7900 13 years ago
Jen170, I think yours works pretty well. ghostly children are never quite right. And tamaraanalex, I can see them but butterflies and abstraction tend to blend into each other sometimes.
Robert Otani 13 years ago
Hm, maybe...

Pumpkin Hell Fury II
Teet Liiv Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Teet Liiv (member) 13 years ago
Skisokeldri kabjaline by Teet Liiv
pickler's II Posted 13 years ago. Edited by pickler's II (member) 13 years ago
Who goes there
Jen 170 13 years ago
What's your Poison?
jaycan* 13 years ago
Daniel Rubio 13 years ago
ok... ill try whit these pics.....



Ladrillo Escalera
live laugh love07 13 years ago
messes with the mind a bit...

 by live laugh love07
Madam Lourdes
auspices 13 years ago
tinariwen by auspices
elastic airplane [deleted] 13 years ago
Whale oil eat crow professor DraMan. I like your image. Very disturbin'
contagiousmemes Posted 13 years ago. Edited by contagiousmemes (member) 13 years ago
out of time by contagiousmemes

out of time
patrizia_ferri 13 years ago
emergency exit
furryheed 13 years ago
The Ghost of Whitesbridge Hall
Gert-Jan Glazenburg 13 years ago
apple8apples Posted 13 years ago. Edited by apple8apples (member) 13 years ago
this wasn't taken for the challenge, but

a gungy abandoned bath by apple8apples

a bath in an abandoned house. recently foudn out that someone commit suicide in there.

mask by apple8apples

this is actually a life support dummy without the mask on.
UbiMaXx Posted 13 years ago. Edited by UbiMaXx (member) 13 years ago
Altair Vega Deneb 13 years ago
Berlin - O by Altair Vega Deneb
007 Photo Guy 13 years ago
Al and Jody get Married
enricoX Posted 13 years ago. Edited by enricoX (member) 13 years ago
anomis 13 years ago
Bad Taste
mamabird5o Posted 13 years ago. Edited by mamabird5o (member) 13 years ago
Giant trees or tiny farm -

rural mystery
Floatey floatey legs
Wuniatu 13 years ago
The Tempest
w.eras 13 years ago
some_images! 13 years ago
Definitely not quite right w.eras.

Here at the Surrey Art Gallery, where we're building the Glocal project, there's also an Edward Burtinsky exhibit of photography that records the impact of industrial progress and human development. You're photo seems to be doing the same.

I love the sky and light peaking in through the thin ridge of trees in the background. Well done.
phone_home 13 years ago
Oostende | Belgium
phone_home 13 years ago
Björn backstage @ Zomerparkfeesten | Venlo | the Netherlands
blprnt_van 13 years ago
phonehome: Great submissions. The first one in particular is quite disconcerning.
gainful button [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by gainful button (member) 13 years ago
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