inconclusive alarm [deleted] 5:03am, 28 December 2008
Hi my name is Neto, i'm 23 years old, and last year studant of advertising university at Brazil.
I'm new here, and i'm trying to know more people over the net that have things in commom like my hobbys, design, arts...
Well it's some web blog, or forums that people chat frequently? any tools to chat in real time, for meet people with same interesting and hobbys, exchange ideas...
xprencingimag 13 years ago
I'm parker gibson I'm 23 also, i'm from the USA, I lobe drawing graffiti as well as many other things, I also enjoy photography and designing, I hope to meet people as well.
BlackBung 13 years ago
I'm Ziga Sternad, 16 years old, from Slovenia, Europe. I'm new here to and I work in photoshop cs3 still as a beginner.
kewlkreativekrew 12 years ago
My name is sandra, 20 years old from germany, europe. Iam new at flickr. I'm working with photoshop since 5 years and with illustrator and indesign for ca. 3 years. ^^
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