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Aside from myself.. do any the members have an actual graveyard themed photoset? If so please post the link here. I'd love to view them, and I'm sure other members of the group would as well.
Cemetery Set Cemetery Symbolism Set
Here's mine:

exciting partner [deleted] 16 years ago
Eric Hunt. 16 years ago
Here is my Cemetery/Mausoleum/etc set:

dakgirl1 16 years ago
Kris McFluffernutter 16 years ago
Here's a bunch I shot recently at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge Massachusetts.
James M Thorne 16 years ago
Danny. 16 years ago
Mark Interrante 16 years ago
ActuallyHawkeye 16 years ago
Tree Looming Over Dead Aviator
tsmyther 16 years ago
I have one here, still in its infancy.
Doctor Beef 16 years ago
I have three:

Kacper (tow.zwierz) 16 years ago
Cimetière du Montparnasse

I have a set called "A Place of Fog and Graves"
This is new but here is what i have:
West Prosser Cemetery, this is the old town cemetery:
West Prosser Cemetery - Prosser, WA USA

Prosser Cemetery, the new town cemetery:
Prosser Cemetery
Added some new photos of Evergreen-Washelli

Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery
Claudecf 16 years ago
I just joined. But I have two sets: one is Cimetière du Montparnasse and the other one is Cimetière du Père Lachaise
Aramisse 16 years ago
Jean Albus 16 years ago
My cemetery set is of Bear Creek Cemetery outside of Bear Creek, Montana. It's very old.

Just A Baby--Bear Creek Cemetery
New additions to Evergreen-Washelli

Claudecf 16 years ago
I have one set of photos taken at the Cimetière Montparnasse in Paris and another one taken at Père Lachaise Cemetery
Doctor Beef 16 years ago
A brand new one. I had so many photos posted of Mt. Carmel Cemetery that I decided this one deserved its own set.
kafkan 16 years ago
Marion J. Ross 16 years ago
Kris McFluffernutter 16 years ago
Doctor Beef 16 years ago

Newest one following danakay's and my most recent visit to Chicago's Graceland Cemetery.
While my set "Death be not proud" is not limited to graveyards exclusively, the vast majority of its photos are of cemeteries.

Death be not proud
Kris McFluffernutter 16 years ago
I've got another set of really old stones up. Here ye go:

My Stone Angels set:

stone angel
amuck minute [deleted] 16 years ago
Kris McFluffernutter Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Kris McFluffernutter (member) 16 years ago
I've some new sets!

Vine Lake Cemetery - Medfield, Massachusetts:

St. Michael's Cemetery - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts:

Forest Hills Cemetery - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts:

East Walpole Cemetery - East Walpole, Massachusetts:

Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
musicmuse_ca Posted 16 years ago. Edited by musicmuse_ca (member) 15 years ago
My graveyard set is the 13th set, heh
kneague 16 years ago
sophiacreek (again) 16 years ago
Doctor Beef 16 years ago
Mine are multiplying like rabbits. It may well just be easier to go to my photostream periodically to find the newest ones.
Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
new additions to Evergreen-Washelli:

baby gravesEvergreen Washelli CemeteryEvergreen Washelli CemeteryEvergreen Washelli Cemetery
Happy.Phantom 16 years ago
I have two. One is a general cemetery set and the other is a grouping of statues mainly photographed in cemeteries.

Hands Our Lady of Youth I

And here are two more, one set devoted entirely two one headstone and the other devoted to a statue found on a headstone.
In Mourning: Revisited V Girl of Tess's Corners
Aramisse 16 years ago
cer!se Posted 16 years ago. Edited by cer!se (member) 16 years ago
Here's mine - concentrating on the weird and wonderful things people decorate graves with.

england's dreaming
KiwiNessie 16 years ago
My brand new small Cemeteries set

-- from KiwiNessie - (?)
WindeBabe 16 years ago
snarl 16 years ago
here's mine, being added to over time with explorations of east anglian village churches

mhartford Posted 16 years ago. Edited by mhartford (member) 16 years ago
I've got a couple: St. Mary's in South Minneapolis and Lakewood Cemetery; I'm looking forward to Soldiers' & Pioneers', the oldest cemetery in Minneapolis proper, opening for the season in April.
I've got a large Cemetery Set. Please feel free to explore:

Rosehill Cemetery -  12 Collage
clarisel 16 years ago
earthy bead [deleted] 16 years ago
I have a general one, but I think I might need to split it up soon...
Hallowed Ground
Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
Lake View Cemetery
Seattle, Washington, USA
Lake View Cemetery
cjonthehudson 16 years ago
Mine is Death Wears a Big Hat. (Bonus points if you get the title reference.)
orange27 16 years ago
Well thanks to this group I finally have a photoset devoted to cemeteries
adrisomething 16 years ago
cecily7 15 years ago
My cemetery shots are from Southeast Louisiana and Austin, TX:
pugh baby
Anima Fotografie Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Anima Fotografie (member) 15 years ago

I have 3 & counting :-)

Ps. Would somebody here be kind enough to flickrmail me instructions how to "thumbnail" a link direct to each set like that, way cool!!
Leo Reynolds 15 years ago
_RedShoesGirl_ 15 years ago
amazing number of people that have photo sets devoted to cemeteries and the quality of work is wonderful.

here is mine...
Leo Reynolds 15 years ago
The Polstar 15 years ago
Here's my Kensal Green one

And my City of London one.

I have hundreds of cemetery photos, it's a major passion of mine, unfortunately someone hacked in and deleted my flickr account, so I'm slowly loading them up again.
Thanks for doing this thread - I am passionate about connecting with other cemetery photographers.
Leo Reynolds 15 years ago
Misteriddles 15 years ago
-Steve Roe- Posted 14 years ago. Edited by -Steve Roe- (member) 14 years ago
Here's the link to mine -the bulk of which are in and around the West Yorkshire area.

Armley Cemetery, Leeds - Angel III
FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves Posted 14 years ago. Edited by FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves (member) 14 years ago
DeadManTalking 14 years ago
At last count I have 219 sets, with one cemetery per set. I add cemeteries almost daily, as I'm catching up on a large backlog of work. I also have a number of sets grouped around cemetery themes. I'm not a photographer. I collect cemetery art and epitaphs and use the camera to capture them, pretty much straight on.

lone fir cemetery - portland, or
London looks 14 years ago
Floral tributes from my local cemetery in London

With stuff like this:

one for the road
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