WV Fan 3:06pm, 8 January 2006
Has anyone seen anything like this or have an explanation? Sorry for the link...I couldn't figure out how to post an image.
kaleidoscope 16 years ago
That's very interesting, I've never seen anything like it!
leafy 16 years ago
... i have seen discarded type-o's in the past, but generally they are trashed or used as sales models ...
Dani Batz 16 years ago
I have heard of re-useing tombstones but never actually seen it like this! Interesting indeed!
EyeOfTheJen 16 years ago
Wow.. never seen anything like that! Bizzzar.
grilled cheese 16 years ago
That really is interesting! Wow!
Studio E 16 years ago
Dealers call these "recut stones." With the help of community donations, I bought one for an indigent person who was on my social services caseload. It's pretty common for people who are poor.
duncan 16 years ago
i've seen tombstones that had names on both sides, but not like this
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