grundrauschen 1:58pm, 9 May 2005
Hello out there! :)
On one of my recent walks at "my" cemetery Hamburg Ohlsdorf I realized that there are many sculptures that are very sensual... I love to see that this aspect is still there even when dealing with death!
So this weekend I started a new project - whenever I go the cemetery, I try to find sculptures that are sensual in their own way - and of course take photos of them! And I would like to see more sensual statues from other cemeteries around the world. This is why I opened another pool : Cemeteries and Sensuality.
So if you have some photos of sensual statues, feel free to add them to the pool!

olisoph 16 years ago
I think "Hot tombs" might be a better title.
basykes 16 years ago
Our cemetery is very boring--almost all markers are flat to the ground.
basykes, I would think there are some pioneer cemeteries somewhere in your part of the valley. You could always go across the causeway to Sacramento.

I will stop giving you unsolicited advice now.

stimulating control [deleted] 16 years ago
Very interesting!! So far I have never seen anything like that here where I live. Will keep an eye out though!! Maybe a European thing?
songstress 16 years ago

Many Victorian cemeteries here are full of sensuality in statuary. The angels depicted look positively alluring. Not quite what one might expect of the prudent Victorians!

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