Corriegirl 2:21am, 30 June 2005
you know - the one in the video!

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys cemeteries. Some people think I'm either weird or morbid. I am neither. I find cemetaries a fascinating history of people and those who love(d) them and love the peacefulness of them.

I'm really enjoying all the wonderful pictures. Beautiful, incredible stuff people. Thanks for sharing!
Keith.Allison 16 years ago
I've always just pointed out to people that many of the things they crave to see -- Taj Mahal, Great Pyramids, Pantheon, etc -- are, in fact, tombs. So it's really not all that strange. And cemeteries are a great window into history, whether they're giant world-famous monuments or a single headstone in a family yard.
James M Thorne 16 years ago
We have some very old and historical cemeteries in London. I always enjoy visiting them and taking pictures. They are full of history and great architecture.
When I was a kid our Sunday drives often included a visit to a cemetery & now I (and my siblings too) still enjoy to ramble round them, looking at interesting inscriptions, carvings etc. I prefer the overgrown to the manicured, the hilly to the flat, but really I like them all.

A few years back I went to the Highgate cemetery in London, which I've always wanted to visit. I was really enjoying it - there are so many interesting graves there - when suddenly the friend I was with insisted that we leave. "This is so depressing, it's all dead people, it's bringing me down..." - on and on, a real outburst.

I was astonished, because I had assumed that everyone liked cemeteries. Not so, it turns out. So I'm very happy to be here with other confirmed cemetery-philes!
Corriegirl 16 years ago
I started going to cemeteries with my dad. We loved going to old cemeteries to see all the history and interesting headstones and such. I'm reading a great book right now called Cemeteries. In the early 1900's people used to actually go and have a picnic in the cemetery to include the 'dearly departed'. Now people have a different take on it. Why people spend thousands and thousands on headstones, statues and the such and then refuse to go is confusing to me. Death really freaks some people out I guess.

I would have loved to go to Highgate. I imagine it was incredible. Too bad about your friend.
Doctor Beef 16 years ago
I get it from my grandmother, who always loved to stop at roadside cemeteries when we'd go on trips.

I don't generally like the more "current" cemeteries, but every now and then, like with St. Nickolas Ukranian which I recently visited (see my photostream), I find one that's just so interesting, its age doesn't affect its coolness.

I've made a point to try to see at least every area cemetery at least once. I'm crossing them off on my maps as I go. Some, obviously, I will visit over and over again.

I was very fascinated by the ones I saw in England and Ireland. I've posted a couple of those, but I'll have to post more of them one of these days.
Corriegirl, in some places/cultures families *still* go have a meal and be festive once a year in the cemeteries.
Los Dias de los Muertos, for one example.
Wow...I feel like i am way behind yall. To be honest I have had very little interest in cemteries until about 4 months ago. I just got into photography and then in February moved to Chicago. Wanting to explore and learn about the city with my camera I found "Graceland" listed as a must see place for Chicago history. For some reason I was all excited about going and that was it. I have been trying to go at least twice a week. I have been to probably 6-7 in the Chicago area and 1 in Houston. Yes my friends think I have lost it...but oh well. I like the older ones. The newer ones kinda bore me....but I will still explore. This site has gotten me even more motivated with all of yall and the great photos from everyone. But now I want to head to Europe.
Corriegirl 16 years ago
I don't want to be 'normal' anyway! LOL
Old_Man_Leica 16 years ago
right on Corriegirl, "normal" is abnormal!
I've always been drawn to cemeteries too, ever since I was a little kid. In Vegas when I was a teenager there was one I frequented at night because it was a quiet and safe place to be high with friends. It has a variety of interesting features. Monuments, above ground tombs, a large mausoleum, a good size pond with live swans. And back in the day the back side of the mausoleum was unfinished so you could actually crawl inside.

For a while when I was 19 I was sleeping in my car and it didn't have a driver's side window. Good thing it was summer! The cemetery was the only place I felt safe to sleep. No people around to bother me and the cops never patrolled through there at night so I knew I'd be left alone.

It was also where I would go on those difficult nights when life-changing decisions needed to be made. Same thing in Seattle. I ended up living across the street from Evergreen-Washelli for about three years and spent a lot of time wandering around over there. I've only just begun to photograph these, my favorite places, and plan on doing more, as much as possible.
Snitfit 16 years ago
I've always been fascinated with favorite sport is "cemetery hopping" LOL...I must admit that the places I've visited aren't nearly as old as others...but still it's fairly impressive to me. I've always loved how quiet and peaceful they are, and I have had my share of spiritual experiences in cemeteries. One time I was visiting Pioneer Cemetery in Salem, OR...and I got this feeling like I was being everybody there, like all the spirits who were resting there had suddenly sat or stood up & was watching my every move. It was creepy yet amazing at the same time.
tsmyther 16 years ago
I love the idea of having a picnic among the "dearly departed." My mom and her current husband (of ten years) go to the cemetery together and visit his wife and my dad. The four of them were pretty good friends, and the two died within 18 months of each other. But they talk about the days when each couple was young, raising families, etc.

Truthfully, I've not liked this guy much since I first met him, but when he was talking about that, I thought, y'know, maybe he's not my dad (by a long shot), but he's had sadness as well, and he's letting Dad live on in Mom's memory, just like the four of them are sitting around playing bridge together again.

I guess the older you get, the more a part of your life and the lives of your friends death becomes. And cemeteries help you deal with that.
TooLoose-LeTrek 16 years ago
I'm new here and quite surprised to see this many people interested in what was my first photographic subject matter years ago. Usually I am the only moving thing in cemeteries when I visit...

I've been in a real slump lately and am anxiously awaiting the autumn, my favorite cemetery time of the year.
It is so nice to see all the people who share the same interest.
I have loved them since I was a little girl, I used to get so excited on memorial day because that meant we were going to a bunch of different ones.
I think today a lot of people don't care to be reminded of their own immortality so you don't see the as much care of cemeteries.
Most of my family and friends think I am morbid because I enjoy them so much, my 13 year old swears I used to be a grave digger in my past life. Now my 3 year old will point them out he loves walking around them with
I think this group is pretty special, it's nice to have a common bond with people.
DLShirl 16 years ago
I always thought I was strange, too - glad to see some other strange people! I've always been fascinated by cemeteries, the older the better. I especially love the really old neglected ones you can sometimes find here around New England. My 5 year old seems to share my fascination, so we spend a lot of time looking for old graveyards to wander around.

Does anyone else get all teary-eyed at the amount of baby graves in the older graveyards? I can't help looking for them though. Maybe it's a mom thing.
Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
yeah, the baby graves are the ones that get to me too
I agree I am always so deeply touched by the baby graves. Especially back when it was common for a disease to wipe out an entire family.
Such loss and tragedy I can't even begin to imagine.
Sick Little Monkey 16 years ago
I spent a summer working at our local cemetary. We would mowed and trimmed the grass, reset old stones that had fallen over or were in the proces, we even dug the new graves. Of course we use a backhoe for the majority of the work these days, but I still jumped down in them witha regular shovel cleanup the corners.

We have a section we called "Baby Town" that just half plots for infant and child graves. It is very moving... all those little graves gathered close together as if for comfort...

It was a pretty interesting experience. It gave me a new respect for the people who maintain these sacred places and those interred there.

I have had an interest in cemetaries for as long as I can remember, that summer just insured I would never lose it :)
Corriegirl 16 years ago
SLM - I love your description of the Baby Town. "those little graves gathered close together as if for comfort..." Very beautiful statement.
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