ashwinmudigonda 2:04pm, 19 July 2006
Anyone ever captured anything out of the ordinary? I went to Ohio University in Athens, OH. There was this cemetery on a sloping hill called The Ridges. There were so many stories surrounding the place. I wish I had my camera then. That stray ectoplasm I found once would have been immortalized!!
heady wave [deleted] 16 years ago
I got some orbs once...but I think it was maybe a relection or something wrong with the camera. Has anyone actually SEEN a ghost, let alone capture it on film?
^^ron 16 years ago
in my house, clear as day by all of my family members on several occaisions...its exciting
steady canvas [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by steady canvas (member) 16 years ago
A friend of mine swore she saw a ghost at the collage we use to attend. She entered the lift and there was an human form entity, male, facing the back wall.
The when the doors opened at the next level, it dissapeared...
around the corner as it had to walk past her to get through the doors. She was quite nervous about the whole experience still believing what she thought it was.
It turned out to be just the creepy old man that hangs around smelling of dope. We were in the Art/Design building and I imagine every art collage has someone like that.
So sorry no, no ghosts.
Olivander 16 years ago
All of my haunting experiences have been of the poltergeist variety, so no, I've never *seen* one.
ashwinmudigonda 16 years ago
Ya. Ditto with poltergeists. Any techniques to capture the "regular" white sheet types?
starfish235 Posted 16 years ago. Edited by starfish235 (moderator) 16 years ago
I captured a lone leg wearing a tennis shoe without any body. It was walking behind the eternal flame at JFK's tomb in Arlington National Cemetery. Every IR photographer knows that ghosts are "real" and show up nicely in time-lapse IR photography. ;-))
The Eternal Flame
delightful stream [deleted] 16 years ago
If anyone claiming to have seen a ghost, has been smoking funny baccca or u should check their trash can for needles.
Wish this little shit would get off my shoulder that keeps talking in my ear.
Kirsty van der Voort 16 years ago
I did once see a whaft of smoke above a grave in Pere Lachaise, that was fun. Nope, there was no-one there, not even in hiding.
crowolf 16 years ago
I captured this weird blue figure poking my digital camera through a broken window in an abandoned building.
Blue Ghost #2 - FG 2004 - 175
Lolita Martini 16 years ago
I've had a few experiences of my own, but unfortunately, I never captured any "proof." sure would be exciting though.
RigbyMel Posted 16 years ago. Edited by RigbyMel (member) 16 years ago
Not my images, so I'll link from where they were uploaded, but a friend got these two shots in a cemetary in Salem, MA the autumn before last. They asked the people at the place where they got the photos developed what it could be, but no answers were forthcoming.

Image Hosted by
Before - then the kid on the left moved out of the shot


Image Hosted by
After (same shot) - what the heck IS that?? you decide!

EDIT: Bear in mind that this smokiness was apparently not visible to the naked eye (per my friend and her hubby).
ashwinmudigonda 16 years ago
Lolita Martini 16 years ago
The most logical explanation is smoke or breath fog (if it was cold). though i have seen pictures taken like this in the summer without smoking (allegedly)
eye of wally 16 years ago
In Pine Grove Cemetery in Corry, Pennsylvania USA, there is one head stone from a very wealthy proud man. He died 100 years ago but his stone is the largest in the Cemetery and stands around 7-8 meters tall. On each of the 4 sides of the stone/ monument there is a large bronze relief of his face and bust. He was a verteran and was a big wig in the Navy and is burried in the military section.

Anway everytime I go there and shoot (which is a lot since I live only a few blocks away) I get the feeling that he is looking at me and wants me to take pictures of his stone.

One time when I was taking pictures of stones around his I kept on trying to position myself where his stone and face would not be in the background. I kept on getting strange camera errors (the dreaded err99 for Canon DSLR users) that I have not had before or since. And the pictures I was able to take were corrupted when I tried to convert the raw file (again never has happened before or since)

Now everytime I shoot there I always take pictures of his stone first and remind him that I need to take pictures of the other stones as well.
RigbyMel 16 years ago
BUT there was no smoke or fog visible to the naked eye - and the camera picked that up.

But whatever.
heady wave [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by heady wave (member) 16 years ago
Ah...there are hundreds of pictures like this on various websites. Looks like smoke to me. In Charleston, South Carolina a photographer took some photographs of the graveyard of St. Phillips Church on Church Street. When he developed them you could see the figure of a woman in only one of them. He went back to the graveyard to see whose grave she was standing over and it was the grave of a baby who had died about 150 years ago on the same month and day he had taken the photograph. The photographer sent it off to Kodak for testing and they said they could come up with no explanation and verified that it the photograph had not been tampered with. There's a ghost walk tour that shows the photograph on their tour and tell you the story. So many people have gone to that graveyard in search of the ghost that the church has posted a sign which reads "The only ghost at St. Phillips is the Holy Ghost".
Dani Batz 16 years ago
Ghosts are always everywhere and all around us and I'm pretty sure they cannot be photographed that easily as humans. They are energy and well that's mostly invisible isn't it?

Cool stories anyway ;-)
Master David XI Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Master David XI (member) 16 years ago
I cannot resist making this comment. I am not going to discuss it and be involved in any sort of "exchange," because I have too many questions myself as an old fashioned Episcopalian.

I live in a haunted house. Even the police cameras have "captured" the images of "ghosts" on one floor. I am not afraid but rather annoyed by things that take place.

I have personally walked on a carpet soaked with blood. My feet and socks were soaking wet almost instantly. The house is rather large and completed armed directly to sites off-property both in the Pacific and mainland USA. The security system has been activated by the heat sensors inside the building. No one was at home.

At least one individual I knew who died here, returns at unpredictable times. I am unable to detect a pattern. Even thought I will not go into great detail, I am posting this in hopes that someone might try to take an objective view of unusual events. I avoid passing one house fairly near mine, and make the sign of the cross when I accidentally reach it. The ghost there is vicious. There are police records of the hideous death scene of a man who looked as if he had been thrown through the blades of a helicopter in living room on the ground floor.

I have no fear in my own house and, in fact, take some comfort in that the "ghosts" or "spirits" are present. The noises, some at very exact times, no longer bother me. I am comfortable speaking to these "presences" and do so often without really thinking about it.

It is common knowledge this house is haunted, but no local individual will discuss the details with an outsider, a stranger. I am surprised I even wrote this comment. I will probably delete it.
broken snail [deleted] 16 years ago
YES - I have captured a very pissed off ghost looking into a second story window. You can visit and view an awesome place - currently their working on the site so the pictures are too small - later today I'll try and find time to post it. or you can go to and I believe you'll find it under things, and yes I'm also about to revamp my whole site. Mark
broken snail [deleted] 16 years ago
Here's one for you - this shot got me back in for a free night at Rolling Hills Ghost Hunt.

-- from Mark H. Baker - (?)
steady canvas [deleted] 16 years ago
Thé ghost story that has always captured my imagination was "The Fisher Ghost" of Parramatta, Sydney Australia. This is the first version of the story I heard and not much changed when I did research.

In the early 1900's, reports of a semi transparent figure was seen on a bridge over a river in Parramatta at night, sometimes sitting on the railing other times just standing there.
Those who saw it describe a figure resembling a man named Fisher who had recently gone missing, they also recounted that the figure would point to a spot across the river into a field.

The police investigated the field where the ghost apparently pointed to and found the body of the missing man. He had been brutally murdered with the cranium of the skull smashed in (sorry for detail) then buried.
The body was identified as Mr Fisher and after that the ghost never appeared again.

After research this gets added to the story:
Fisher and another bloke were in a argument about land, the other wanting to take Fishers land but told "no".
Fisher was then murdered on the bridge then buried in his field.
A few days later under the claim Fisher had left town, other took the land. The bloke was then arrested for murder when the body was found.
ashwinmudigonda 16 years ago
Coming back, are there any specific techniques besides IR photography to capture spirits?
broken snail [deleted] 16 years ago
Just discovered and it's wasn't intentional this picture turned out to be my 666 picture posted to Flickr - now thats weird.

-- from Mark H. Baker - (?)
SandyJo Kelly. 16 years ago
Mark H. Baker - I just read through the posts, and the picture is SPOOKY!!! You mentioned that it was the 666th photo for you? Well, it's the 6th pic on this post and you posted it "66" minutes ago - ALRIGHTY then!!! :D
SandyJo Kelly. 16 years ago
When I looked at the photo, you had posted it 66 minutes ago, that is! Just clarifyin'.....
Weird Fresno 16 years ago
I investigated Adeliade Cemetery outside of Paso Robles one summer night. Story goes this woman commited suicide when her kids died and now she shows up ever Friday night between 10:00 pm and Midnight. This picture isn't of her grave (though some weird stuff happened at hers) and I have no idea what the blue blob is. Some have said moisture, others say it's the side of a tombstone and the flash reflected off the rough cut granite.

Adeliade Cemetery
broken snail [deleted] 16 years ago
Are you serious Daisy? I think I better go play that number
SCMichelle 16 years ago
As the Founder of the largest paranormal investigation group in California...I can tell you I've seen much I cannot explain. With $ 40,000 in equipement, I have captured some interesting anomolies. Can't say they are all spirits, but some are pretty clear.

Look at my website for the stuff we use and some of the pictures:
RoseD1 15 years ago
I'm new to this group,this is great!Anyway I grew up across the st from a cemetery called Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine Ia.I and others in the area have seen a jogging ghost.He wears a blue and white running suit.He looks real but when he gets closer to you you can see he is transparent.Its never scared me in any way.I just always wondered why hes jogging?He appears to be a old man in his late 70s or 80s.
karen in toronto 15 years ago

Take a look at my picture of Brandon Lee's grave. Does it not look like there is a face on the gravestone? I was the only person standing at the grave.
brainy ducks [deleted] 15 years ago
I have a lot of photos. I know this sounds stupid to a lot of people, but I am a sensitive and do a lot of "readings" for people in my area. I went to a fantastic house last weekened, in Gettysburg, that was haunted by about 7 ghosts. I knew who and where they were and I also got a cool shot of an orb. Sorry if I sound rediculous. It is not something I talk about a lot because of people's opinions.
RoseD1 15 years ago
karen in toronto yes I see a face,wow!
abookl/redvixen 15 years ago
This is a view of Mount Pleasant Cemetery in New Jersey. It was an overcast day, no sun at all.
This is what happened moments later, when I took another picture. None of the other pictures on my digital camera look like this. And I was touched by a ghost while standing here, writing down epitaphs. There was no wind, no branches, the only thing moving on me was my writing hand when I felt a distinct tug on my shirt from behind my left shoulder. There was no one visible there.
Azure1070 15 years ago
I went out the other night and took a few with just the flash ended up out five shots two with orbs and held the camera different for the twp with orbs but turned it right side up and was about the same height and wasn't in the area before
rolleijoe 15 years ago
I've seen several when I lived back East. Even on car trips, like driving back thru VA & PA, about 1:30 saw a group of about 4 couples crossing the road (looked to be folowing a path that is no longer there).

They were dressed in soldier's uniforms, and the ladies in hoop skirts. But their clothes were all dark gray and black colored.

We have a few shadow people around the house here, a man, little girl, couple of cats and a woman. Been seeing them for years.
Zelda Moon 15 years ago
My grandpa's house had a ghost. A woman who lived there in the 1800's. All of her 10 children died of scarlet fever within a year, as did her and her husband soon after. As a ghost, she walked from room to room checking on the children through the night. It was a large old house with many rooms. I saw her once, coming out of the closet, which had been converted from a stairway to the attic. She quietly stopped at various points in the room, then moved away down the hall to the next room. There was no fear, she gave off no malicious energy, just sad and quiet. I always felt sorry for her, and often wondered what happened to her when the house was torn down.
As far as I know, no one ever even tried to get her on film. My grandparents raised 12 kids there, and everyone just took her presence as a fact of life and no big deal.
garthac Posted 15 years ago. Edited by garthac (member) 15 years ago
my old grand parents house had a history of paranormal sightings. once when i was around five or six years old, there was this incident when everyone in the house thought that a burgler had broken in. this resulted in my grandfather and other house hold help chasing someone going up the stairs. eventually when they got the top floor there was no one there.

the strange thing is they all saw someone or something going up the stairs to the top floor.
pamelaadam 15 years ago
scotland is just dripping in the things on every corner it seems,
Ross A Hall 15 years ago
No, Blue, they don't!

Not unless we're including photo manipulations, blow ups and time lapse photography. If that's the case I've been hunted by the devil, kidnapped by aliens and reincarnated as the son of Tony Blair.
Jonas Thomén 15 years ago
so... that means that you, the devil, are taking over england then? =)
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