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coordinated group [deleted] 10:20pm, 12 October 2006
I just got home from a recent trip to Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Oh and it was a great trip. I ran in to one section that was so hard to shoot and I am thinking it was not me since I got the same settings to work on the stones around this one.

Have any of you run into a time where you were trying to shoot a statue or headstone and for some reason your camara would not pull a focus on it? Or when it finally did get focused, the image kept getting over exposed or under exposed no matter how you had the camera set? I had both happen to me on this one today. Not matter what I did I could not get a clear shot of the statue on this headstone.

I'm not sure what that means, but my feel is that something did not want me taking a picture of this particular one.

Love to heard your input and/or stories.
1600 Squirrels 15 years ago
I can only guess without knowing what the statue looked like, but it sounds like there wasn't enough contrast at any of the selected focus points, so the camera never locked focus, and because it couldn't figure out what you were focussing on, it didn't know how to expose correctly for it.

Have you tried manual focus and/or manual exposure?
cjonthehudson 15 years ago
The flat grays often give my autofocus trouble, no question, and if the light isn't right, tombstones can be very very hard to shoot. Plus, whether the surface is glossy or not can make a big difference, and old white marble throws off a lot of light, leading to overexposure. Cemeteries are more technically challenging than most people think, I believe.
coordinated group [deleted] 15 years ago
Both of those thoughts sound pretty good. It very well may have been one of them. It wsa just odd how this one was so much trouble and everything around it was just fine. Thanks for your input.
SCMichelle 15 years ago
Sometimes it has nothing to do with the camera. I've been taking pictures in cemeteries for 5 years now and as weird as this sounds....did you ask permission? I swear next time try it....
coordinated group [deleted] 15 years ago
I should post the images so you can see them. I found that I only got one that is kind of okay, but the face of the angle was all blacked out. Very wild.
charity shopper 15 years ago
I've just had similar strangeness with pictures of Nunhead Cemetary. A lot of the pictures that I know were in focus when I shot them (as in I viewed them afterwards before I got home and they were sharp) suddenly were out of focus when I transferred them on to my computer, or had suddenly got weird lights or shadows (and no, that hasn't happened before, and I didn't do anything different to usual). Maybe I should ask permission too. A nice bit of added spookiness to it all anyway.
garthac Posted 15 years ago. Edited by garthac (member) 15 years ago
we have a custom here in the philippines, when walking past by or even taking picutres of a cemetery, grave or place where it is belived to be populated by the unkown entities, it is always advised by the elders to ask permission from the unseen... which you really have to voice out while passing through or else you might disturb them which will bring very bad consiquences on you later this would include the possiblity of them following you home.

my personal experience was three sets of freshly charged batteries dying on me, one set after the other. i did not get a chance to take any pictures but the strangest thing was, when i got home the batteries worked perfectly and they were still fully charged. someone didn't want me around there taking pictures.
baloo2 15 years ago
garthic: I've read about the battery thing on here before...
coordinated group [deleted] 15 years ago
I am not sure how to explain any of this, but I just found it odd. I will be going back for sure to try and shoot pictures of it again. This one was not much different than many other angels there, but not that this has happened I want to see if I get the same results on a different day.
garthac Posted 15 years ago. Edited by garthac (member) 15 years ago
have any one of you captured a lot of orbs in one particular place... i mean taking a series on picutures then suddenly for no apparent reason on particular place shows orbs on you photos or something that you could not explain shows up on the frame?... finding it difficult to get a clear and usable picture of you subject....
inconclusive voice [deleted] 15 years ago
Garthac The situition you described about the batteries dying happen to me today when I went out too shoot I just finished recharging some so I knew they were good to go I would try too shoot certain headstones (in my photos If you feel like checkin it out A special tribute) would only "allow" me to shoot the one side,, the camera would not work when I tried to take it &/ or of other Gravestones, Well that was really strange But the reason I left before taking lots more pictures is cuz after dealin with the camera, The bicycle seat twisted to the side in front of me then the chain fell off I left very soon after, Can U explain ohh I even asked perrmission Strange but True
calamity52 15 years ago
what fantastic to tell around a open fire with a glass of something..great.i have had plenty of times like this.not just in graveyards.Houses,parks,in other countries too.i found it annoying when you dont even get to look at the veiwer to see what you are seeing.
garthac Posted 15 years ago. Edited by garthac (member) 15 years ago
unkld... i know what you mean. unfortunately i can't explain it either. it's really strange... but things like this happens and you have to experience it to believe it.

the spirits you encountered were really determined to drive you out of there... the reason maybe (as a result of being photographers) we're violating their privacy in a way... that they don't want to be bothered...

i don't know much about spirits and stuff. i only know what people (elders) tell me and most of my knowledge comes from movies and tv shows... but lets think of it this way, they (the spirits) were once live people and they still have feelings, emotions likes us and they do get offended just like ordinary people...

may be it's their way of letting us know we're trespassing on their teritory.
inconclusive voice [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by inconclusive voice (member) 15 years ago
I definitely felt like a trespasser that time. In all my visits to Cemeteries, that was the 1st time it "felt" so umm real and of forces beyond our control. "It" absolutely would not allow me to take pictures of particular headstones as I said .(That happened yesterday btw).. I've always had{/have} a guardian angel to watch my back, so I truly believe in Spirits & like U said these particular ones did NOT want to be disturbed and if I did offend them I'd want to apologize
karen in toronto 15 years ago
I was taking pictures at this particular spot at Pike Place Market that supposedly has a lot of activity and all my pictures turned out freaky. The first few shots turned out normal but then all my pictures afterwards turned all orangish and had these white blobs through it. I thought at first it was my camera but then my camera started taking normal shots afterwards.

Also, for some reason, when I look at this one particular picture I transferred to my computer....the thumbnail shows the supposedly haunted location but when I double click on this picture, it opens up to be a waterfront shot that I had taken afterwards. I've never had this happen before.
JRJacobs 15 years ago
"my personal experience was three sets of freshly charged batteries dying on me, one set after the other."

This is why I always use a fully manual/mechanical film camera when shooting in cemeteries. I've had too many problems with my digital, but the film camera always seems to work.
groovy manner [deleted] 15 years ago
I have had the same problem with the out of focus Tombstone. The one thing that I had noticed was a problem with the Sun. I took a set of photos when it was bright and sunny out and they all came out blurry...I then returned to do a repeat shot on a overcast day and everything came out sharp. It might have something to do with the refection of the gray stones. (carljohnson said it first)
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