vmaurin 8:34pm, 14 November 2006
I shot this in Boston in 1999 but I can't remember exactly where it is. I would like to geotag this photo.

Any idea ?
KarenMarleneLarsen 15 years ago
From the context (I think that's the Tremont Temple peeking through the tree canopy) I'd say this might be the Granary Burial Grounds on Tremont Street, between the Park St. and Government Center subway stops, and not far from the State House.

Does this look familiar? It's from that cemetery.


I found several links to "the granary" but here's one, in case it looks familiar.
Dodgeram 15 years ago
I cant get over how similar this is to John Belushi's grave!

Image Hosted by
vmaurin 15 years ago
Thanks. Geotagged !
Yorrick from Oz 15 years ago
wow i have never seen anything like that befor!!!

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