VictoriaM11 9:57pm, 14 November 2006
could anyone possibly tell me how to post a picture into a pool? ive been trying to figure this out for ages but alas im computer challenged as anything.
KarenMarleneLarsen 15 years ago
I just learned this last week.

Go to "you" in the menu.

Click "organize" in the menu

Pull all the photos you want to post into the "organize" area, as if you were creating a set..

When you have them assembled, Click on the "your groups" tab.

Find the group you want to post them to.

Click the icon of that group. The machine will check to make sure you're not exceeding the daily or monthly limit, and will upload them to the group pool.

tinkerg Posted 15 years ago. Edited by tinkerg (member) 15 years ago
you can also post pictures to a group one by one. (remember that you have to have joined the group first, so its name will show up in your list of groups.) go to one of your pictures, at the top you will see a row of buttons, the second one is "send to group." click on that and your list of groups will drop down. select one and enter and it will add it!

i think its good not to flood any group with too many pictures at a time, even if you just joined. i tend to stick to 3 or so and then add another little batch a few days later, so as to not wear out anyones patience.
VictoriaM11 15 years ago
thank yoooooou!!! i was a bit afraid youd all laugh at me:) very helpful tho, thanks!
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