ACreepingMalaise 3:53am, 25 November 2006
I see a lot of great looking cemetery shots... The really nice ones usually have another element that carries the photo, Like a interesting tree, or statuary and so on.

How do you take an interesting shot of a single stone or a few scattered stones with out the "supporting" elements?? I am always disappointed with those shots.

I set my self to thinking about this today on a cemetery visit. It occurred to me that you never or almost never see an extreme up angle of a stone, kind of a first person view. So I shot a couple. Below is the best example. I simply laid the camera on the leaves at the base of the stone and used the delay timer to get out of the way (Oh and blocked the sun so as to not get a flare)

Have any of you tried this. If so I'd love to see the shots and/or hear your thoughts on ideas for taking better shots of stones.

The Old Stones are Silent
Miss April NYC 15 years ago
Nice saturated color. Monolithic composition is different, yet intimate.
tinkerg Posted 15 years ago. Edited by tinkerg (member) 15 years ago
this is a really good idea. it suggests the viewpoint of lying down in the grave--possibly being the deceased--and involves the viewer. plus, you can really read the inscription.

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KarenMarleneLarsen 15 years ago
I agree about using a unique perspective. Often I will take just a partial shot of a stone, which I find more visually intriguing than a full oblong stone in an oblong frame.


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TheDamnMushroom 15 years ago
I have taken a shot or two while laying down in front of a stone for the looking-straight-at or looking-up-at perspective but haven't posted any from that shoot because they were with a not-so-great camera. Shots from low-down aren't so easy (unless it's a big or elevated stone) because you're starting at ground level, not lower.

And on that note, I was tempted the other day to take one from inside a freshly dug grave -- I was walking through the cemetary as the excavator was leaving and I'm supposing the funeral and burial were the next morning -- but didn't do it while there and it was too late the next afternoon when I was inspired. Did take a photo into the grave, and it wasn't until someone commented "I'm glad you didn't take it from inside" that I realized I really should have taken it from inside! :)

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Diann* Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Diann* (member) 15 years ago
I did something similar with a photograph: An Awfully Big Adventure

This camera doesn't have a timer and I don't have knees (at least knees that can be knelt on!). I would have liked to get down further--get more of the stone, as you did.
leafy 15 years ago
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p2wy 15 years ago
Sometimes I'll completely deconstruct the stone to show more of a mood than the detail....

Othertimes I focus on a particular detail (as KarenMarleneLarsen said) at the expense of the entire stone.
Leo Reynolds Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 15 years ago
Yorrick from Oz 15 years ago
i feel acreepingmalaises perspective gives the headstone quite an ominus the same time, still has quite a bit of support from the trees ( in a nice way, its a fantastic shot! )

i think its a great challange and I often use a low angle or focus to isolate stones or something similar to LeoL or p2wy....isolation of details

interesting topic!

a good headstone
Yorrick from Oz 15 years ago
ps. i think leafy puts in a great argument for tree suport!!
ACreepingMalaise 15 years ago
Lots of great shots and feed back.

Thanks to all of you for responding.

I think that I want to try and get some extreme down shots too (like Karen's middle shot above), but maybe from higher up, like from a tall ladder, or Maybe construct a boom from PVC. I think that it would work best for a group of markers in a regular pattern, like military, or maybe a group of obelisks...

Boom would be nice because it would allow you to shoot at 90deg to the ground instead of at an angle. I think that would look better.
seriykotik1970 15 years ago
I like to focus on a detail-for example the stone poppies here:

Poppy tomb
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